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Dell AC Adapter - Dell Laptop Power Adapters

dell laptop ac adapter Stop hassling with your old Dell ac adapter that no longer charges your laptop battery and work easier with a new Dell laptop power adapter.Made from the highest quality parts,these Dell laptop power adapters are tailored made according to the original size, whether the power adaptor appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original.With UL certified testing and components,you can rest assured that quality, compatibility and dependability are the cornerstone of our products.

iBuybattery carries over 5000 laptop charger adapters for big name laptop makers on the market,including the replacement Dell laptop adapters that are specially designed for each Dell laptop model.

All our Dell laptop battery chargers come with One Year Warranty and a 30-day money back Guarantee since the date of purchase.

List of Dell Laptop Models and Adapter Part Numbers:

Listed by Dell Adapter Part Numbers:
Dell 03RG0T Dell 074X5J Dell 09T215
Dell 09Y819 Dell 0C830M Dell 0CF745
Dell 0CM161 Dell 0D1078 Dell 0D28MD
Dell 0D846D Dell 0DWG4P Dell 0FC892
Dell 0J211H Dell 0JHJX0 Dell 0JU012
Dell 0JVF3V Dell 0K5294 Dell 0MK911
Dell 0N6M8J Dell 0RYC97 Dell 0TJ76K
Dell 0U680F Dell 0U896K Dell 0V0KR
Dell 0X7329 Dell 0XG0WK Dell 0XK850
Dell 0Y044M Dell 1X917 Dell 2TXJ7
Dell 310-1093 Dell 310-1461 Dell 310-1650
Dell 310-2860 Dell 310-2862 Dell 310-2993
Dell 310-3149 Dell 310-3399 Dell 310-4010
Dell 310-4408 Dell 310-7251 Dell 310-7697
Dell 310-7699 Dell 310-7712 Dell 310-8537
Dell 310-9050 Dell 310-9249 Dell 310-9438
Dell 310-9439 Dell 310-9991 Dell 312-1307
Dell 313JX Dell 320-2746 Dell 330-1825
Dell 330-1827 Dell 330-1828 Dell 330-1829
Dell 330-1830 Dell 330-2063 Dell 330-3514
Dell 330-4113 Dell 330-4128 Dell 330-4342
Dell 330-5829 Dell 330-6258 Dell 330-6313
Dell 330-7843 Dell 330-9808 Dell 331-0536
Dell 331-1465 Dell 331-2269 Dell 331-2429
Dell 331-3179 Dell 331-4185 Dell 331-5817
Dell 331-5968 Dell 331-6301 Dell 331-7224
Dell 331-7957 Dell 331-9053 Dell 332-0245
Dell 332-0971 Dell 332-1827 Dell 332-1831
Dell 332-1833 Dell 3K360 Dell 3RG0T
Dell 44PV8 Dell 450-17487 Dell 4983D
Dell 5K74V Dell 5NW44 Dell 5U092
Dell 6G356 Dell 6RTJT Dell 74X5J
Dell 7KP4X Dell 7W104 Dell 8509T
Dell 85391 Dell 8725P Dell 8PRY3
Dell 9364U Dell 9R733 Dell 9T215
Dell A-0180ADU00-201 Dell AA20031 Dell AA90PM111
Dell AD-90195D Dell ADP-130DB B Dell ADP-130PE1-00
Dell ADP-150EB Dell ADP-150EB B Dell ADP-150RB B
Dell ADP-180MB B Dell ADP-240AB B Dell ADP-330AB B
Dell ADP-45JD A Dell ADP-65JB B Dell ADP-70EB
Dell ADP-90AH B Dell ADP-90FB B Dell C120H
Dell C2894 Dell C8023 Dell CF820
Dell CF989 Dell CM161 Dell CM889
Dell CR397 Dell D0KFY Dell D1404
Dell D232H Dell D2746 Dell D28MD
Dell D846D Dell DA130PE1-00 Dell DA150PM100-00
Dell DA180PM111 Dell DA330PM111 Dell DA45NM100-00
Dell DA45NM104 Dell DA65NM111-00 Dell DA65NS0-00
Dell DA65NS3-00 Dell DA65NS4-00 Dell DA90PE1-00
Dell DA90PE3-00 Dell DA90PM111 Dell DA90PS0-00
Dell DA90PS1-00 Dell DA90PS2-00 Dell DF261
Dell DF263 Dell DF266 Dell DF315
Dell DWG4P Dell EA90PE1-00 Dell F0K0N
Dell F7970 Dell F8834 Dell FA065LS1-01
Dell FA130PE1-00 Dell FA180PM111 Dell FA45NE1-00
Dell FA65NE1-00 Dell FA65NS0-00 Dell FA90PE1-00
Dell FA90PS0-00 Dell FF313 Dell FWCRC
Dell FX08G Dell GA240PE1-00 Dell GM456
Dell GX808 Dell HA45NE1-00 Dell HA65NE1-00
Dell HA65NS0-00 Dell HA65NS1-00 Dell HA65NS2-00
Dell HA65NS5-00 Dell HA90PE1-00 Dell HH44H
Dell HMR8M Dell HP-AF065B83 Dell HR763
Dell HX648 Dell J211H Dell J408P
Dell J62H3 Dell J938H Dell JHJX0
Dell JT9DM Dell JU012 Dell JVF3V
Dell LA130PM121 Dell LA150PM121 Dell LA45N-00
Dell LA45NM121 Dell LA45NM131 Dell LA45NS0-00
Dell LA65NS0-00 Dell LA65NS1-00 Dell LA65NS2-00
Dell LA65NS2-01 Dell LA65NSO-00 Dell LA90PE1-00
Dell LA90PE1-01 Dell LA90PS0-00 Dell LA90PS1-00
Dell LAN65NE0-00 Dell M1P9J Dell M321M
Dell MM545 Dell MV2MM Dell N2765
Dell N3834 Dell N3838 Dell N426P
Dell NADP-130AB B Dell NADP-90KB Dell NF642
Dell NX061 Dell P330-5830 Dell P6F02
Dell PA-10 Dell PA-1151-06D Dell PA-1151-06D2
Dell PA-12 Dell PA-1450-01D Dell PA-1450-66D1
Dell PA-15 Dell PA-1650-02DW Dell PA-1650-05D2
Dell PA-1900-01D3 Dell PA-1900-02D2 Dell PA-1900-05D
Dell PA-1M10 Dell PA-2 Dell PA-20
Dell PA-21 Dell PA-2E Dell PA-3E
Dell PA-4E Dell PA-5M10 Dell PA-6
Dell PA-7E Dell PA-9 Dell PA-9E
Dell PA1650-06D3 Dell PC531 Dell PH298
Dell PP02X Dell R8D4D Dell R940P
Dell RM805 Dell RM809 Dell RYC97
Dell TJ76K Dell TN800 Dell TR82J
Dell TW1P0 Dell U7809 Dell U896K
Dell UC473 Dell V1277 Dell W7758
Dell WK890 Dell WNXV2 Dell X408G
Dell X9366 Dell XD757 Dell XD802
Dell XG0WK Dell XJ6TM Dell XM3C3
Dell Y044M Dell Y200J Dell Y55TK
Dell Y877G Dell Y991K Dell YD637
Listed by Dell Laptop Models:
Alienware AM11x-826CSB Alienware AM14RX2-7222BK Alienware AM14X-6557STB
Alienware AM14x-6667SBK Alienware AM14XR2-6111BK Alienware AM14XR2-6667BK
Alienware AM14XR2-7223BK Alienware AM14XR2-8334BK Alienware AM17XR3-6842BK
Alienware AM17xR4-11053BK Alienware AM17XR4-7363BK Alienware AM17xR4-7526BK
Alienware AM17xR4-7895BK Alienware AM17xR4-8424BK Alienware AM18X-6732BAA
Alienware AM18X-8636BK Alienware AM18XR2-11481BK Alienware AM18XR2-7037BK
Alienware AM18XR2-7111BK Alienware AM18XR2-7778BK Alienware AM18XR2-8728BK
Alienware AX51-0066BK Alienware AX51-1063BK Alienware AX51-2020BK
Alienware AX51-2146BK Alienware AX51-5722BK Alienware AX51-5728BK
Alienware AX51-6152BK Alienware AX51-6154BK Alienware AX51-6155BK
Alienware AX51-6645BK Alienware AX51-6711BK Alienware AX51-9013BK
Alienware AX51-9300BK Alienware AX51-9302BK Alienware M11x
Alienware M11x R2 Alienware M11x R3 Alienware M14x
Alienware M14X R2 Alienware M15x Alienware M15x-211CSB
Alienware M15x-472CSB Alienware M17x Alienware M17x R1
Alienware M17x R2 Alienware M17x R3 Alienware M17x R4
Alienware M17x-2857DSB Alienware M17XR4-7263BK Alienware M18x
Alienware M18x R1 Alienware M18x R2 Alienware M18x R3
Alienware M18x-0136 Alienware M18X-0143 Alienware X51
Inspiron 1000 Inspiron 1011 Inspiron 11
Inspiron 1100 Inspiron 1110 Inspiron 1120
Inspiron 1150 Inspiron 11z Inspiron 1200
Inspiron 1210 Inspiron 13 Inspiron 1300
Inspiron 1300-b130 Inspiron 1318 Inspiron 1320
Inspiron 13R Inspiron 13R (N3010) Inspiron 13z
Inspiron 14 Inspiron 14 (1440) Inspiron 14 (1464)
Inspiron 14 (3421) Inspiron 1410 Inspiron 1420
Inspiron 1425 Inspiron 1427 Inspiron 1440
Inspiron 1470 Inspiron 14R Inspiron 14R (5421)
Inspiron 14R (5437) Inspiron 14R N4010 Inspiron 14z
Inspiron 15 Inspiron 15 (1545) Inspiron 15 (1564)
Inspiron 15 (3520) Inspiron 15 (3521) Inspiron 15 (7537)
Inspiron 1501 Inspiron 1520 Inspiron 1521
Inspiron 1525 Inspiron 1526 Inspiron 1535
Inspiron 1545 Inspiron 1546 Inspiron 1570
Inspiron 15R Inspiron 15R (5521) Inspiron 15R (5537)
Inspiron 15R (N5010) Inspiron 15z (5523) Inspiron 17 (1750)
Inspiron 17 (1764) Inspiron 17 (3721) Inspiron 17 (3737)
Inspiron 17 (7737) Inspiron 1720 Inspiron 1721
Inspiron 1750 Inspiron 1764 Inspiron 17R
Inspiron 17R (5720) Inspiron 17R (5721) Inspiron 17R (5737)
Inspiron 17R (N7010) Inspiron 2200 Inspiron 2500
Inspiron 2600 Inspiron 2650 Inspiron 3000
Inspiron 300m Inspiron 3200 Inspiron 3500
Inspiron 3650 Inspiron 3700 Inspiron 3800
Inspiron 4000 Inspiron 4100 Inspiron 4150
Inspiron 5000 Inspiron 5000e Inspiron 500m
Inspiron 505m Inspiron 5100 Inspiron 510m
Inspiron 5150 Inspiron 5160 Inspiron 6000
Inspiron 600m Inspiron 630m Inspiron 6400
Inspiron 640m Inspiron 7000 Inspiron 700m
Inspiron 710m Inspiron 7500 Inspiron 8000
Inspiron 8100 Inspiron 8200 Inspiron 8500
Inspiron 8600 Inspiron 910 Inspiron 9100
Inspiron 9200 Inspiron 9300 Inspiron 9400
Inspiron B120 Inspiron B130 Inspiron E1405
Inspiron E1505 Inspiron E1705 Inspiron i14R-1708MRB
Inspiron i15R-1974MRB Inspiron i15R-1990MRB Inspiron i15R-2646MRB
Inspiron M101z Inspiron M4110 Inspiron M5010
Inspiron M501R Inspiron M5030 Inspiron M5110
Inspiron Mini 10 Inspiron Mini 1010 Inspiron Mini 1012
Inspiron Mini 1018 Inspiron Mini 10v Inspiron Mini 11v
Inspiron Mini 12 Inspiron Mini 9 Inspiron N4020
Inspiron N4030 Inspiron N4110 Inspiron N411z
Inspiron N5010 Inspiron N5030 Inspiron N5040
Inspiron N5050 Inspiron N5110 Inspiron N7110
Latitude 10 ST Latitude 10 ST2 Latitude 10 ST2e
Latitude 110L Latitude 120L Latitude 13
Latitude 2100 Latitude 2110 Latitude 2120
Latitude 3330 Latitude 3440 Latitude 3540
Latitude 6430u Latitude D400 Latitude D410
Latitude D420 Latitude D430 Latitude D500
Latitude D505 Latitude D510 Latitude D520
Latitude D530 Latitude D531 Latitude D600
Latitude D610 Latitude D620 Latitude D630
Latitude D630 XFR Latitude D630c Latitude D631
Latitude D800 Latitude D810 Latitude D820
Latitude D830 Latitude E4200 Latitude E4300
Latitude E4310 Latitude E5400 Latitude E5410
Latitude E5420 Latitude E5430 Latitude E5500
Latitude E5510 Latitude E5520 Latitude E5530
Latitude E6220 Latitude E6230 Latitude E6320
Latitude E6330 Latitude E6400 Latitude E6400 ATG
Latitude E6400 XFR Latitude E6410 Latitude E6410 ATG
Latitude E6420 Latitude E6420 ATG Latitude E6420 XFR
Latitude E6430 Latitude E6430 ATG Latitude E6430s
Latitude E6500 Latitude E6510 Latitude E6520
Latitude E6530 Latitude E6540 Latitude E7240
Latitude E7440 Latitude L13 Latitude V700
Latitude V710 Latitude V740 Latitude XT2
Latitude Z Latitude Z600 Precision M2300
Precision M2400 Precision M40 Precision M4300
Precision M4400 Precision M4500 Precision M4600
Precision M4700 Precision M4800 Precision M50
Precision M60 Precision M6300 Precision M6400
Precision M65 Precision M6500 Precision M6600
Precision M6700 Precision M6800 Precision M70
Precision M90 Streak 10 Pro Studio 1457
Studio 1458 Studio 14Z Studio 15
Studio 15 (1535) Studio 1536 Studio 1537
Studio 1555 Studio 1557 Studio 1558
Studio 1569 Studio 1735 Studio 1737
Studio 1745 Studio 1749 Studio Hybrid
Studio XPS 13 Studio XPS 15 Studio XPS 16
Studio XPS 1647 Studio XPS 17 Studio XPS 1747
Studio XPS M1340 Studio XPS X15 Studio XPS X17
Vostro 1000 Vostro 1014 Vostro 1015
Vostro 1088 Vostro 1200 Vostro 1220
Vostro 1310 Vostro 1320 Vostro 1400
Vostro 1440 Vostro 1500 Vostro 1510
Vostro 1520 Vostro 1540 Vostro 1700
Vostro 1710 Vostro 1720 Vostro 2510
Vostro 3300 Vostro 3350 Vostro 3360
Vostro 3400 Vostro 3450 Vostro 3460
Vostro 3500 Vostro 3550 Vostro 3555
Vostro 3560 Vostro 360 Vostro 3700
Vostro 3750 Vostro 500 Vostro A840
Vostro A860 Vostro A90 Vostro V13
Vostro V130 Vostro V131 XPS 10
XPS 12 (L221X) XPS 12 MLK XPS 13
XPS 13 (L321X) XPS 13 (L322X) XPS 13 Classic
XPS 1330 XPS 1340 XPS 14
XPS 14 (L401X) XPS 14 (L421x) XPS 140
XPS 14z XPS 15 XPS 15 (L501X)
XPS 15 (L502x) XPS 15 (L521x) XPS 1530
XPS 15z XPS 16 XPS 1640
XPS 1645 XPS 1647 XPS 17
XPS 17 (L701X) XPS 17 (L702X) XPS 1710
XPS M1210 XPS M1330 XPS M140
XPS M1530 XPS M170 XPS M1710
XPS M2010   

About Dell Replacement Laptop Battery

If your laptop is no longer under warranty then your options are much wider. One of the things you should look into is third party laptop battery manufacturers. Most laptop manufacturers don't make their own laptop parts. What they do is accumulate a list of the parts needed to assemble a laptop and then they will assemble their own configurations and sell those configurations under their own brand.Look into third party laptop battery makers if your dell laptop is out of warranty and you need a new battery and you will more than likely save yourself a great deal of money.

Tips to get more juice from your Dell laptop battery

Turn down the brightness of your monitor a great deal as it will help preserve battery life;Disable unnecessary programs running on your dell laptop;You may have your applications like Excel or Power Point set to auto-save every few minutes to save your work in progress. Turn off the autosave function while using the battery, but do not forget to save your work occasionally yourself.

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