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Apple AC Adapter - Apple Laptop Power Adapters

apple laptop ac adapter Stop hassling with your old Apple ac adapter that no longer charges your laptop battery and work easier with a new Apple laptop power adapter.Made from the highest quality parts,these Apple laptop power adapters are tailored made according to the original size, whether the power adaptor appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original.With UL certified testing and components,you can rest assured that quality, compatibility and dependability are the cornerstone of our products.

iBuybattery carries over 5000 laptop charger adapters for big name laptop makers on the market,including the replacement Apple laptop adapters that are specially designed for each Apple laptop model.

All our Apple laptop battery chargers come with One Year Warranty and a 30-day money back Guarantee since the date of purchase.

List of Apple Laptop Models and Adapter Part Numbers:

Listed by Apple Adapter Part Numbers:
Apple 611-0186 Apple 611-0187 Apple 611-0224
Apple 611-0226 Apple 611-0228 Apple 611-0377
Apple 611-0463 Apple 611-2101 Apple 622-0170
Apple 661-0443 Apple 661-2736 Apple 661-2790
Apple 661-3048 Apple 661-3049 Apple 661-3345
Apple 661-3863 Apple 661-3957 Apple 661-3994
Apple 661-4259 Apple 661-4269 Apple 661-4339
Apple 661-4485 Apple 661-4588 Apple 661-4591
Apple 661-4599 Apple 661-4712 Apple 661-4816
Apple 661-4832 Apple 661-5036 Apple 661-5221
Apple 661-5228 Apple 661-5252 Apple 661-5390
Apple 661-5474 Apple 661-5597 Apple 922-1202
Apple 922-2568 Apple 922-4323 Apple A1021
Apple A1036 Apple A1172 Apple A1184
Apple A1222 Apple A1330 Apple ACAPP-D56
Apple ACG4 Apple ADP-45FHB Apple ADP-45LB B
Apple ADP-60AD Apple ADP-65GB Apple ADP-85CB
Apple ADP-85CBA Apple AG28016CM01 Apple M4402
Apple M4895 Apple M4896 Apple M5159
Apple M5397 Apple M5937 Apple M6384
Apple M6384LL/A Apple M6548G/A Apple M7332
Apple M7332LL/A Apple M7387LL/A Apple M8243Z/A
Apple M8457LL/A Apple M8482 Apple M8576
Apple M8576LL/A Apple M8942LL/A Apple M8943G/A
Apple M8943LL/A Apple MA357LL/A Apple MA538LL/A
Apple MA538LL/B Apple MA938LL/A Apple MB283LL/A
Apple MC461LL/A Apple MC461Z/A  
Listed by Apple Laptop Models:
iBook 16 VRAM 14 Inch iBook 32 VRAM 14 Inch iBook Dual USB 12 Inch
iBook Dual USB 14 Inch iBook G3 14 Inch iBook G4 14 Inch
iBook G4 Opaque White 12 Inch iBook Opaque White 12 Inch iBook Opaque White 14 Inch
iBook Translucent White 12 Inch iBook Translucent White 14 Inch iBook White 12 Inch
iBook White 14 Inch MacBook 13 Inch A1181 MacBook 13 Inch A1261
MacBook 13 Inch A1278 MacBook 13 Inch A1286 MacBook 13 Inch A1297
MacBook 13 Inch A1342 MacBook 13 Inch Aluminum Unibody MacBook 13 Inch MA254
MacBook 13 Inch MA254*/A MacBook 13 Inch MA254B/A MacBook 13 Inch MA254CH/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA254F/A MacBook 13 Inch MA254J/A MacBook 13 Inch MA254LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA254SA/A MacBook 13 Inch MA254TA/A MacBook 13 Inch MA254X/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA255 MacBook 13 Inch MA255*/A MacBook 13 Inch MA255B/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA255CH/A MacBook 13 Inch MA255F/A MacBook 13 Inch MA255J/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA255LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MA255SA/A MacBook 13 Inch MA255TA/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA255X/A MacBook 13 Inch MA472 MacBook 13 Inch MA472*/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA472B/A MacBook 13 Inch MA472CH/A MacBook 13 Inch MA472F/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA472J/A MacBook 13 Inch MA472LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MA472SA/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA472TA/A MacBook 13 Inch MA472X/A MacBook 13 Inch MA699
MacBook 13 Inch MA699*/A MacBook 13 Inch MA699B/A MacBook 13 Inch MA699CH/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA699J/A MacBook 13 Inch MA699LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MA699TA/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA699X/A MacBook 13 Inch MA700 MacBook 13 Inch MA700*/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA700B/A MacBook 13 Inch MA700CH/A MacBook 13 Inch MA700J/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA700LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MA700TA/A MacBook 13 Inch MA700X/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA701 MacBook 13 Inch MA701*/A MacBook 13 Inch MA701B/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA701CH/A MacBook 13 Inch MA701J/A MacBook 13 Inch MA701LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MA701TA/A MacBook 13 Inch MA701X/A MacBook 13 Inch MB061*/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB061B/A MacBook 13 Inch MB061CH/A MacBook 13 Inch MB061J/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB061LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB061LL/B MacBook 13 Inch MB061X/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB062*/A MacBook 13 Inch MB062B/A MacBook 13 Inch MB062CH/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB062J/A MacBook 13 Inch MB062LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB062LL/B
MacBook 13 Inch MB062X/A MacBook 13 Inch MB063*/A MacBook 13 Inch MB063B/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB063CH/A MacBook 13 Inch MB063J/A MacBook 13 Inch MB063LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB063LL/B MacBook 13 Inch MB063X/A MacBook 13 Inch MB402*/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB402B/A MacBook 13 Inch MB402J/A MacBook 13 Inch MB402LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB402X/A MacBook 13 Inch MB403*/A MacBook 13 Inch MB403B/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB403J/A MacBook 13 Inch MB403LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB403X/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB404*/A MacBook 13 Inch MB404B/A MacBook 13 Inch MB404J/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB404LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB404X/A MacBook 13 Inch MB466*/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB466CH/A MacBook 13 Inch MB466J/A MacBook 13 Inch MB466LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB466X/A MacBook 13 Inch MB467*/A MacBook 13 Inch MB467CH/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB467J/A MacBook 13 Inch MB467LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB467X/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB604LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB766LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB881LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MB985LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MB986LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MC024LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MC207LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MC226LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MC240LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MC371LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MC372LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MC373LL/A
MacBook 13 Inch MC374LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MC375LL/A MacBook 13 Inch MC516LL/A
MacBook Air 11 Inch A1370 MacBook Air 11 Inch MC505CH/A MacBook Air 11 Inch MC505J/A
MacBook Air 11 Inch MC505LL/A MacBook Air 11 Inch MC505TA/A MacBook Air 11 Inch MC505X/A
MacBook Air 11 Inch MC505ZP/A MacBook Air 11 Inch MC506CH/A MacBook Air 11 Inch MC506J/A
MacBook Air 11 Inch MC506LL/A MacBook Air 11 Inch MC506TA/A MacBook Air 11 Inch MC506X/A
MacBook Air 11 Inch MC506ZP/A MacBook Air 11 Inch Sereis MacBook Air 13 Inch A1237
MacBook Air 13 Inch A1304 MacBook Air 13 Inch A1369 MacBook Air 13 Inch MB003
MacBook Air 13 Inch MB003J/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MB003LL/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MB003TA/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MB003X/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MB003ZP/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MB543LL/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MB940LL/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC233*/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC233CH/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MC233LL/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC233TA/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC233X/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MC233ZP/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC234*/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC234CH/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MC234LL/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC234TA/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC234X/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MC234ZP/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC503CH/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC503J/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MC503LL/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC503TA/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC503X/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MC503ZP/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC504J/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC504LL/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch MC504TA/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC504X/A MacBook Air 13 Inch MC504ZP/A
MacBook Air 13 Inch Series MacBook Air 13 Inch Z0FS MacBook Pro 13 Inch
MacBook Pro 13 Inch A1278 MacBook Pro 13 Inch A1278 (2009 Version) MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990*/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990CH/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990J/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990LL/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990TA/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990X/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB990ZP/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991 MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991*/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991CH/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991J/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991LL/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991TA/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991X/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MB991ZP/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC374*/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC374CH/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC374J/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC374LL/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC374TA/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC374X/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC374ZP/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC375*/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC375CH/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC375J/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC375LL/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC375TA/A
MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC375X/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch MC375ZP/A MacBook Pro 13 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody
MacBook Pro 15 Inch A1150 MacBook Pro 15 Inch A1260 MacBook Pro 15 Inch A1286
MacBook Pro 15 Inch A1286 (2008 Version) MacBook Pro 15 Inch A1286 (2009 Version) MacBook Pro 15 Inch Aluminum
MacBook Pro 15 Inch Aluminum Unibody MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463 MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463KH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463LL
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463ZH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA463ZH/HD100
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464 MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464CH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464J/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464KH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464LL MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464ZH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA464ZH/CTO MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA600
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA600J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA600KH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA600LL
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA600LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA600TA/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA600X/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA601 MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA601J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA601KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA601LL MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA601LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA601TA/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA601X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609 MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609*/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609*D/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609B/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609KH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609LL
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA609X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610 MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610*/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610*D/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610B/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610KH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610LL
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA610X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA895*/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA895CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA895J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA895KH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA895LL
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA895RS/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA895X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA896*/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA896CH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA896J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA896KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA896LL MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA896RS/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MA896X/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB133*/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB133B/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB133J/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB133LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB133X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB134*/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB134B/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB134J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB134LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB134X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB470*/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB470CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB470J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB470LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB470X/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB471*/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB471CH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB471J/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB471LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB471X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB985*/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB985CH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB985J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB985LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB985TA/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB985X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB985ZP/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB986*/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB986CH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB986J/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB986LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB986TA/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB986X/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MB986ZP/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118 MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118*/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118CH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118TA/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC118ZP/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC371*/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC371CH/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC371J/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC371LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC371TA/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC371X/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC371ZP/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC372*/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC372CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC372J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC372LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC372TA/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC372X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC372ZP/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC373*/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC373J/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC373LL/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC373TA/A
MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC373X/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch MC373ZP/A MacBook Pro 15 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody
MacBook Pro 15 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version) MacBook Pro 15.4 Inch MA895LL/A MacBook Pro 15.4 Inch MA896LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1150 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1151 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1211
MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1212 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1226 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1229
MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1260 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1261 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1286
MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1297 MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1297 ( Early 2011) MacBook Pro 17 Inch A1297 (2009 Version)
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA090LL MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA092 MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA092CH/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA092J/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA092KH/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA092LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA092TA/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA092X/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA463LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA464LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA600LL MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA601LL
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA609LL MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA610LL MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611*/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611*D/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611B/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611CH/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611J/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611KH/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA611X/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA895LL
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA895LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA896LL MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA896LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA897*/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA897J/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA897LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MA897X/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB133LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB134LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB166*/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB166B/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB166J/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB166LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB166X/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB470LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB471LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB604LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB766LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB985LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MB986LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC024*/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC024CH/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC024J/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC024LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC024TA/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC024X/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC024ZP/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC226*/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC226CH/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC226J/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC226LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC226TA/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC226ZP/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC371LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC372LL/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC373LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC665ZP/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch MC725J/A MacBook Pro 17 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody
MacBook Pro 17 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version) PowerBook 1400 PowerBook 1400C
PowerBook 1400CS PowerBook 2300C PowerBook 2400
PowerBook 2400C PowerBook 3400 PowerBook 3400C
PowerBook Duo 2300 PowerBook G3 PowerBook G4 17 Inch
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12 Inch PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15 Inch PowerBook G4 Titanium 15 Inch

About Apple Replacement Laptop Battery

If your laptop is no longer under warranty then your options are much wider. One of the things you should look into is third party laptop battery manufacturers. Most laptop manufacturers don't make their own laptop parts. What they do is accumulate a list of the parts needed to assemble a laptop and then they will assemble their own configurations and sell those configurations under their own brand.Look into third party laptop battery makers if your apple laptop is out of warranty and you need a new battery and you will more than likely save yourself a great deal of money.

Tips to get more juice from your Apple laptop battery

Turn down the brightness of your monitor a great deal as it will help preserve battery life;Disable unnecessary programs running on your apple laptop;You may have your applications like Excel or Power Point set to auto-save every few minutes to save your work in progress. Turn off the autosave function while using the battery, but do not forget to save your work occasionally yourself.

Hot AC Adapters

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