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Lenovo Laptop Battery

lenovo laptop batteries Stop hassling with your old Lenovo battery that no longer holds a charge and work easier with a new Lenovo laptop battery.Made from the highest quality parts,these Lenovo laptop batteries are tailored made according to the original size, whether the battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original.With UL certified testing and components,you can rest assured that quality, compatibility and dependability are the cornerstone of our products.

iBuybattery carries over 1000 replacement batteries for big name laptop makers on the market,including the lithium Lenovo batteries that are specially designed for each Lenovo laptop model and battery part.

All our Lenovo batteries comes with One Year Warranty and a 30-day money back Guarantee since the date of purchase.

List of Lenovo Laptop Models and Battery Parts:

Listed by Lenovo Battery Part Numbers:
Lenovo 0A36282 Lenovo 0A36283 Lenovo 0A36285
Lenovo 0A36286 Lenovo 0A36287 Lenovo 40Y8313
Lenovo 40Y8319 Lenovo 40Y8321 Lenovo 41U3198
Lenovo 42T4235 Lenovo 42T4534 Lenovo 42T4650
Lenovo 42T4670 Lenovo 42T4671 Lenovo 42T4731
Lenovo 42T4733 Lenovo 42T4737 Lenovo 42T4753
Lenovo 42T4757 Lenovo 42T4806 Lenovo 42T4807
Lenovo 42T4814 Lenovo 42T4815 Lenovo 42T4845
Lenovo 42T4861 Lenovo 42T4865 Lenovo 42T4873
Lenovo 42T4875 Lenovo 42T4877l Lenovo 42T4879
Lenovo 42T4881 Lenovo 42T4940 Lenovo 42T4942
Lenovo 42T4943 Lenovo 42T4945 Lenovo 42T4949
Lenovo 42T4951 Lenovo 43R1954 Lenovo 43R1955
Lenovo 43R1965 Lenovo 43R1967 Lenovo 43R9256
Lenovo 43R9257 Lenovo 45J7706 Lenovo 45J7914
Lenovo 45K2177 Lenovo 51J0226 Lenovo 51J0398
Lenovo 51J0399 Lenovo 51J0497 Lenovo 51J0499
Lenovo 55Y2054 Lenovo 55Y2098 Lenovo 55Y9382
Lenovo 55Y9383 Lenovo 57Y4558 Lenovo 57Y4559
Lenovo 57Y4564 Lenovo 57Y4565 Lenovo 57Y6265
Lenovo 57Y6273 Lenovo 57Y6275 Lenovo 57Y6309
Lenovo 57Y6354 Lenovo 57Y6440 Lenovo 57Y6442
Lenovo 57Y6446 Lenovo 57Y6450 Lenovo 57Y6452
Lenovo 57Y6454 Lenovo 57Y6455 Lenovo 57Y6459
Lenovo 57Y6460 Lenovo 57Y6517 Lenovo 57Y6519
Lenovo 57Y6522 Lenovo 57Y6524 Lenovo 57Y6567
Lenovo 57Y6568 Lenovo 57Y6625 Lenovo 57Y6626
Lenovo 57Y6631 Lenovo 57Y6632 Lenovo 57Y6633
Lenovo 57Y6634 Lenovo AM 42T4948 Lenovo ASM 121000614
Lenovo ASM 121000649 Lenovo ASM 42T4519 Lenovo ASM 42T4523
Lenovo ASM 42T4545 Lenovo ASM 42T4557 Lenovo ASM 42T4559
Lenovo ASM 42T4565 Lenovo ASM 42T4586 Lenovo ASM 42T4683
Lenovo ASM 42T4691 Lenovo ASM 42T4703 Lenovo ASM 42T4752
Lenovo ASM 42T4756 Lenovo ASM 42T4784 Lenovo ASM 42T4786
Lenovo ASM 42T4788 Lenovo ASM 42T4796 Lenovo ASM 42T4846
Lenovo ASM 42T4862 Lenovo ASM 42T4882 Lenovo ASM 42T4958
Lenovo ASM 42T4960 Lenovo ASM 42T4962 Lenovo ASM 42T5265
Lenovo ASM 45N1048 Lenovo ASM 92P1179 Lenovo ASM 92P1219
Lenovo ASM BAHL00L6S Lenovo ASM BATIGT30L6 Lenovo FRU 121SS080C
Lenovo FRU 121TS050Q Lenovo FRU 121TS0A0A Lenovo FRU 21TS040C
Lenovo FRU 42T4518 Lenovo FRU 42T4522 Lenovo FRU 42T4548
Lenovo FRU 42T4556 Lenovo FRU 42T4558 Lenovo FRU 42T4585
Lenovo FRU 42T4651 Lenovo FRU 42T4655 Lenovo FRU 42T4657
Lenovo FRU 42T4658 Lenovo FRU 42T4682 Lenovo FRU 42T4688
Lenovo FRU 42T4690 Lenovo FRU 42T4702 Lenovo FRU 42T4751
Lenovo FRU 42T4755 Lenovo FRU 42T4781 Lenovo FRU 42T4783
Lenovo FRU 42T4785 Lenovo FRU 42T4787 Lenovo FRU 42T4789
Lenovo FRU 42T4791 Lenovo FRU 42T4793 Lenovo FRU 42T4795
Lenovo FRU 42T4797 Lenovo FRU 42T4817 Lenovo FRU 42T4819
Lenovo FRU 42T4847 Lenovo FRU 42T4861 Lenovo FRU 42T4881
Lenovo FRU 42T4947 Lenovo FRU 42T5262 Lenovo FRU 42T5264
Lenovo FRU 45N1049 Lenovo FRU 92P1180 Lenovo FRU 92P1182
Lenovo FRU 92P1186 Lenovo FRU 92P1216 Lenovo FRU 92P1220
Lenovo L08L6C02 Lenovo L08L6D11 Lenovo L08L6D12
Lenovo L08L6D13 Lenovo L08O6C02 Lenovo L08O6D01
Lenovo L08O6D13 Lenovo L08S3B21 Lenovo L08S4X03
Lenovo L08S6C02 Lenovo L08S6C21 Lenovo L08S6D01
Lenovo L08S6D11 Lenovo L08S6D12 Lenovo L08S6D13
Lenovo L08S6D21 Lenovo L08S6DB Lenovo L08S6T13
Lenovo L08S6Y21 Lenovo L08S7Y03 Lenovo L09C3B11
Lenovo L09C3B12 Lenovo L09C3Z14 Lenovo L09C4P01
Lenovo L09C6D21 Lenovo L09C6Y02 Lenovo L09C6Y11
Lenovo L09C6Y12 Lenovo L09C6Y14 Lenovo L09C6YU11
Lenovo L09C8Y22 Lenovo L09L6D16 Lenovo L09L6Y02
Lenovo L09M3B11 Lenovo L09M3P13 Lenovo L09M3Z14
Lenovo L09M6Y02 Lenovo L09M6Y14 Lenovo L09M6Y21
Lenovo L09M6Z14 Lenovo L09N6D16 Lenovo L09N6Y02
Lenovo L09N8T22 Lenovo L09N8Y22 Lenovo L09O6D13
Lenovo L09S3B11 Lenovo L09S3Z14 Lenovo L09S6D16
Lenovo L09S6D21 Lenovo L09S6Y02 Lenovo L09S6Y14
Lenovo L09S6Y21 Lenovo L09S8L09 Lenovo L10C6F01
Lenovo L10C6Y02 Lenovo L10L6Y01 Lenovo L10M6F21
Lenovo L10N6Y01 Lenovo L10P6F01 Lenovo L10P6F21
Lenovo L10P6Y01 Lenovo L10P6Y22 Lenovo L10S6F01
Lenovo L10S6Y01 Lenovo L10S6Y02 Lenovo L11L6F01
Lenovo L11L6R01 Lenovo L11L6Y01 Lenovo L11M6Y01
Lenovo L11N6R01 Lenovo L11N6Y01 Lenovo L11P6R01
Lenovo L11S6F01 Lenovo L11S6Y01 Lenovo L12L4A01
Lenovo L12L4K51 Lenovo L12M4A01 Lenovo L12M4E51
Lenovo L12M4K51 Lenovo L12S4A01 Lenovo L12S4E51
Lenovo L12S4F01 Lenovo L12S4K51 Lenovo LO9L6Y02
Lenovo LO9S6Y02   
Listed by Lenovo Laptop Models:
3000 C100 0761 3000 C100 Series 3000 C200
3000 C200 8922 3000 G230 3000 G230 20006
3000 G230 4107 3000 G230G 3000 G400
3000 G400 14001 3000 G400 2048 3000 G400 59011
3000 G410 3000 G430 3000 G430 4152
3000 G430 4153 3000 G430A 3000 G430L
3000 G430LE 3000 G430M 3000 G450
3000 G450 2949 3000 G450A 3000 G450M
3000 G530 3000 G530 4151 3000 G530 444-23U
3000 G530 DC T3400 3000 G530A 3000 G530M
3000 N100 0689 3000 N100 0768 3000 N100 Series
3000 N200 3000 N200 (15.4" widescreen) 3000 N200 0769
3000 N500 3000 N500 4233-52U 3000 V100
3000 V100 0763 3000 V200 3000 Y300
3000 Y300 7759 3000 Y300 9449 3000 Y300 9454
3000 Y310 3000 Y310 7756 3000 Y310a
3000 Y310a 7756 3000 Y400 3000 Y400 9454
3000 Y410 3000 Y410 7757 3000 Y410a
3000 Y410a 7757 3000 Y500 3000 Y500 7761
3000 Y510 3000 Y510 7758 3000 Y510a
3000 Y510a 15303 B450 B450A
B450L B470 G460
G460 06779UU G460 06779XU G460A
G460A-IFI G460A-ITH G460L
G460L-IFI G560 G560 M278ZUK
G560 M2792UK IdeaPad B450 IdeaPad B450A
IdeaPad B450L IdeaPad B460 IdeaPad B470
IdeaPad B470A IdeaPad B470G IdeaPad B480
IdeaPad B485 IdeaPad B560 IdeaPad B560A
IdeaPad B570 IdeaPad B570A IdeaPad B570G
IdeaPad B580 IdeaPad B585 IdeaPad Flex 14
IdeaPad Flex 14M IdeaPad Flex 15 IdeaPad Flex 15M
IdeaPad G430 IdeaPad G430 20003 IdeaPad G460
IdeaPad G460 0677 IdeaPad G460 20041 IdeaPad G460A
IdeaPad G460E IdeaPad G460G IdeaPad G465
IdeaPad G465A IdeaPad G470 IdeaPad G470G
IdeaPad G475 IdeaPad G475A IdeaPad G475E
IdeaPad G475G IdeaPad G475L IdeaPad G480
IdeaPad G480A IdeaPad G485 IdeaPad G56
IdeaPad G560 IdeaPad G560 0679 IdeaPad G560A
IdeaPad G560E IdeaPad G560G IdeaPad G560L
IdeaPad G565 IdeaPad G565A IdeaPad G565G
IdeaPad G565L IdeaPad G570 IdeaPad G570A
IdeaPad G570AH IdeaPad G570E IdeaPad G570G
IdeaPad G575 IdeaPad G575A IdeaPad G575E
IdeaPad G575G IdeaPad G575L IdeaPad G575M
IdeaPad G580 IdeaPad G585 Ideapad S10
IdeaPad S10 20015 IdeaPad S10 4231 IdeaPad S10-2
IdeaPad S10-2c IdeaPad S10-3 IdeaPad S10-3 0647
IdeaPad S10-3 0647-29U IdeaPad S10-3 0647-2AU IdeaPad S10-3 0647-2BU
IdeaPad S10-3 064735U IdeaPad S10-3 064737U IdeaPad S10-3 064738U
IdeaPad S10-3 064746U IdeaPad S10-3 06474CU IdeaPad S10-3 064752M
IdeaPad S10-3 064757M IdeaPad S10-3 064759M IdeaPad S10-3 0647EBV
IdeaPad S10-3 0647EFV IdeaPad S10-3 20039 IdeaPad S10-3 59-045096
IdeaPad S10-3 M33D3UK IdeaPad S10-3c IdeaPad S10-3s
IdeaPad S10-3t IdeaPad S10-3t 0651 IdeaPad S100
IdeaPad S10c IdeaPad S10e IdeaPad S10e 4068
IdeaPad S10e 4187 IdeaPad S12 IdeaPad S12 20021
IdeaPad S12 2959 IdeaPad S205 IdeaPad S500
IdeaPad S500 Touch Ideapad S9 IdeaPad S9e
IdeaPad S9e 4187 Ideapad U110 IdeaPad U110 11306
IdeaPad U110 2304 IdeaPad U150 IdeaPad U150 SFO
IdeaPad U150 STW IdeaPad U150-690968U(red) IdeaPad U150-690969U(black)
IdeaPad U150-6909H9J IdeaPad U150-6909HAJ IdeaPad U150-6909HFJ
IdeaPad U150-6909HGJ IdeaPad U160 IdeaPad U160-08945KU
IdeaPad U160-08945LU IdeaPad U160-08945MU IdeaPad U165
IdeaPad U165-AON IdeaPad U165-ATH IdeaPad U330
IdeaPad U330 20001 IdeaPad U330 2267 IdeaPad U330a
IdeaPad U350 IdeaPad U350 20028 IdeaPad U350 2963
IdeaPad U350w IdeaPad U450 IdeaPad U450p
IdeaPad U450p 20031 IdeaPad U450p 3389 IdeaPad U460
IdeaPad U460s IdeaPad U550 IdeaPad V350
IdeaPad V360 IdeaPad V360A IdeaPad V370
IdeaPad V370G IdeaPad V370P IdeaPad V430a
IdeaPad V450a IdeaPad V460 IdeaPad V470
IdeaPad V470A IdeaPad V470G IdeaPad V470P
IdeaPad V480 IdeaPad V480A IdeaPad V480C
IdeaPad V480S IdeaPad V480U IdeaPad V560
IdeaPad V560A IdeaPad V570 IdeaPad V570A
IdeaPad V570G IdeaPad V570P IdeaPad V580
IdeaPad V580C IdeaPad Y330 IdeaPad Y330a
IdeaPad Y330g IdeaPad Y430 IdeaPad Y430 2781
IdeaPad Y430a IdeaPad Y430g IdeaPad Y450
IdeaPad Y450 20020 IdeaPad Y450 4189 IdeaPad Y450a
IdeaPad Y450G IdeaPad Y460 IdeaPad Y460 063334U
IdeaPad Y460 063335U IdeaPad Y460 063346U IdeaPad Y460 063347U
IdeaPad Y460A IdeaPad Y460AT IdeaPad Y460C
IdeaPad Y460D IdeaPad Y460G IdeaPad Y460N
IdeaPad Y460P IdeaPad Y470 IdeaPad Y470A
IdeaPad Y470D IdeaPad Y470G IdeaPad Y470M
IdeaPad Y470N IdeaPad Y470P IdeaPad Y471
IdeaPad Y471A IdeaPad Y471D IdeaPad Y471G
IdeaPad Y471M IdeaPad Y471N IdeaPad Y471P
IdeaPad Y480 IdeaPad Y480A IdeaPad Y480A-ISE
IdeaPad Y480M IdeaPad Y480M-IFI IdeaPad Y480N
IdeaPad Y480P IdeaPad Y485 IdeaPad Y510
IdeaPad Y510 7758 IdeaPad Y530 IdeaPad Y530 20009
IdeaPad Y530 4051 IdeaPad Y530a IdeaPad Y550
IdeaPad Y550 4186 IdeaPad Y550a IdeaPad Y550p
IdeaPad Y550P 3241 IdeaPad Y560 IdeaPad Y560A
IdeaPad Y560DT IdeaPad Y560G IdeaPad Y560P
IdeaPad Y560P 4397 IdeaPad Y560PT IdeaPad Y570
IdeaPad Y570A IdeaPad Y570D IdeaPad Y570M
IdeaPad Y570N IdeaPad Y570NT IdeaPad Y570P
IdeaPad Y580 IdeaPad Y580A IdeaPad Y580M
IdeaPad Y580N IdeaPad Y580NT IdeaPad Y580P
IdeaPad Y650 IdeaPad Y650 4185 IdeaPad Y650a
IdeaPad Y710 IdeaPad Y710 4054 IdeaPad Y730
IdeaPad Y730 4053 IdeaPad Y730a IdeaPad Z360
IdeaPad Z370 IdeaPad Z370A IdeaPad Z370A-BNI
IdeaPad Z370G IdeaPad Z370G-ITH IdeaPad Z380A
IdeaPad Z380I IdeaPad Z460 IdeaPad Z460A
IdeaPad Z460G IdeaPad Z460M IdeaPad Z465
IdeaPad Z465A IdeaPad Z465A-NEI IdeaPad Z465A-NNI
IdeaPad Z465A-PNI IdeaPad Z465A-PTH IdeaPad Z465G
IdeaPad Z470 IdeaPad Z470A IdeaPad Z470A-BNI
IdeaPad Z470A-IFI IdeaPad Z470A-ITH IdeaPad Z470AH
IdeaPad Z470G IdeaPad Z480 IdeaPad Z485
IdeaPad Z560 IdeaPad Z560A IdeaPad Z560G
IdeaPad Z560M IdeaPad Z565 IdeaPad Z565A
IdeaPad Z565G IdeaPad Z570 IdeaPad Z575
IdeaPad Z580 IdeaPad Z585 ThinkPad A20 series
ThinkPad A20M ThinkPad A20P ThinkPad A21
ThinkPad A21E ThinkPad A21M ThinkPad A21P
ThinkPad A22E ThinkPad A22M ThinkPad A22P
ThinkPad E40 ThinkPad E50 ThinkPad Edge 0578-47B
ThinkPad Edge 11 ThinkPad Edge 13 THINKPAD EDGE 14
THINKPAD EDGE 15 ThinkPad Edge E10 ThinkPad Edge E120
ThinkPad Edge E125 ThinkPad Edge E130 ThinkPad Edge E135
ThinkPad Edge E30 ThinkPad Edge E31 ThinkPad Edge E320
ThinkPad Edge E325 ThinkPad Edge E330 ThinkPad Edge E335
ThinkPad Edge E420 Thinkpad Edge E425 ThinkPad Edge E430
ThinkPad Edge E430c ThinkPad Edge E435 ThinkPad Edge E520
ThinkPad Edge E525 ThinkPad Edge E530 ThinkPad Edge E530c
ThinkPad Edge E535 ThinkPad L410 ThinkPad L412
ThinkPad L420 ThinkPad L421 ThinkPad L510
ThinkPad L512 ThinkPad L520 ThinkPad R400
ThinkPad R400 7443 ThinkPad R500 ThinkPad R61
ThinkPad R61 7732 ThinkPad R61 7733 ThinkPad R61 7734
ThinkPad R61 7735 ThinkPad R61 7736 ThinkPad R61 7737
ThinkPad R61 7738 ThinkPad R61 7742 ThinkPad R61 7743
ThinkPad R61 7744 ThinkPad R61 7751 ThinkPad R61 7753
ThinkPad R61 7754 ThinkPad R61 7755 ThinkPad R61 8914
ThinkPad R61 8918 ThinkPad R61 8932 ThinkPad R61 8942
ThinkPad R61 8943 ThinkPad R61 Series ThinkPad R61 Series (14.1-15.0-15.4 inch screen)
ThinkPad R61(14.1-inch widescreen) ThinkPad R61e ThinkPad R61e 7649
ThinkPad R61e 7650 ThinkPad R61e Series ThinkPad R61e Series (15.4 inch screen)
ThinkPad R61i 7650 ThinkPad R61i 7732 ThinkPad R61i 7742
ThinkPad R61i 8918 ThinkPad R61i 8932 ThinkPad R61i 8943
ThinkPad R61i Series ThinkPad R61i Series (14.1-15.0-15.4 inch screen) ThinkPad R61i(14.1-inch widescreen)
ThinkPad SL300 ThinkPad SL400 ThinkPad SL400c
ThinkPad SL410 ThinkPad SL410k 2842 ThinkPad SL500
ThinkPad SL500c ThinkPad SL510 ThinkPad T400
ThinkPad T400 2764 ThinkPad T400 7417 ThinkPad T400s
ThinkPad T400s 2801 ThinkPad T400s 2808 ThinkPad T400s 2809
ThinkPad T400s 2815 ThinkPad T400s 2823 ThinkPad T400s 2824
ThinkPad T400s 2825 ThinkPad T410 ThinkPad T410i
ThinkPad T410s ThinkPad T410si ThinkPad T420
ThinkPad T420s ThinkPad T420si ThinkPad T500
ThinkPad T510 ThinkPad T510i ThinkPad T520
ThinkPad T520i ThinkPad T61 ThinkPad T61 1959
ThinkPad T61 6377 ThinkPad T61 6378 ThinkPad T61 6379
ThinkPad T61 6457 ThinkPad T61 6460 ThinkPad T61 6466
ThinkPad T61 6480 ThinkPad T61 6481 ThinkPad T61 7658
ThinkPad T61 7659 ThinkPad T61 7660 ThinkPad T61 7661
ThinkPad T61 7662 ThinkPad T61 7663 ThinkPad T61 7664
ThinkPad T61 7665 ThinkPad T61 8889 ThinkPad T61 8891
ThinkPad T61 8895 ThinkPad T61 8897 ThinkPad T61 8898
ThinkPad T61 Series ThinkPad T61 Series (14.1-15.4 inch screen) ThinkPad T61(14.1-inch widescreen)
ThinkPad T61i ThinkPad T61p 6459 ThinkPad T61p 6460
ThinkPad T61p 8889 ThinkPad T61p 8891 ThinkPad T61p Series
ThinkPad T61p Series (14.1-15.4 inch screen) ThinkPad T61p(14.1-inch widescreen) ThinkPad T61u(14.1-inch widescreen)
ThinkPad W500 ThinkPad W510 ThinkPad W520
ThinkPad W700 ThinkPad W700 2752 ThinkPad W700 2757
ThinkPad W700 2758 ThinkPad W700ds ThinkPad W700ds 2757
ThinkPad W700ds 2758 ThinkPad W701 ThinkPad W701ds
ThinkPad X100e ThinkPad X120e ThinkPad X121e
ThinkPad X130e ThinkPad X131e ThinkPad X200
ThinkPad X200 Tablet ThinkPad X200s ThinkPad X201
ThinkPad X201s ThinkPad X220 ThinkPad X220 Tablet
ThinkPad X220i ThinkPad X220i Tablet ThinkPad X220s
ThinkPad X220t ThinkPad X230 ThinkPad X300
ThinkPad X301 ThinkPad X61 7673 ThinkPad X61 7674
ThinkPad X61 7675 ThinkPad X61 7676 ThinkPad X61 7678
ThinkPad X61 7679 ThinkPad X61 Series ThinkPad X61 Tablet
ThinkPad X61s 15th Anniversary Edition ThinkPad X61s 7666 ThinkPad X61s 7667
ThinkPad X61s 7668 ThinkPad X61s 7669 ThinkPad X61s 7670
ThinkPad X61s 7671 ThinkPad X61s Series  

About Lenovo Replacement Laptop Battery

If your laptop is no longer under warranty then your options are much wider. One of the things you should look into is third party laptop battery manufacturers. Most laptop manufacturers don't make their own laptop parts. What they do is accumulate a list of the parts needed to assemble a laptop and then they will assemble their own configurations and sell those configurations under their own brand.Look into third party laptop battery makers if your lenovo laptop is out of warranty and you need a new battery and you will more than likely save yourself a great deal of money.

Tips to get more juice from your Lenovo laptop battery

Turn down the brightness of your monitor a great deal as it will help preserve battery life;Disable unnecessary programs running on your lenovo laptop;You may have your applications like Excel or Power Point set to auto-save every few minutes to save your work in progress. Turn off the autosave function while using the battery, but do not forget to save your work occasionally yourself.

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