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Compaq AC Adapter - Compaq Laptop Power Adapters

compaq laptop ac adapter Stop hassling with your old Compaq ac adapter that no longer charges your laptop battery and work easier with a new Compaq laptop power adapter.Made from the highest quality parts,these Compaq laptop power adapters are tailored made according to the original size, whether the power adaptor appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original.With UL certified testing and components,you can rest assured that quality, compatibility and dependability are the cornerstone of our products.

iBuybattery carries over 5000 laptop charger adapters for big name laptop makers on the market,including the replacement Compaq laptop adapters that are specially designed for each Compaq laptop model.

All our Compaq laptop battery chargers come with One Year Warranty and a 30-day money back Guarantee since the date of purchase.

List of Compaq Laptop Models and Adapter Part Numbers:

Listed by Compaq Adapter Part Numbers:
Compaq 0335A1865 Compaq 239427-001 Compaq 239427-003
Compaq 239704-001 Compaq 239705-001 Compaq 265602-001
Compaq 285288-001 Compaq 287515-001 Compaq 308745-001
Compaq 308745-002 Compaq 309241-001 Compaq 310744-002
Compaq 310925-001 Compaq 316088-002 Compaq 316687-001
Compaq 316687-002 Compaq 316687-003 Compaq 316688-001
Compaq 316688-002 Compaq 316688-003 Compaq 316888-002
Compaq 316888-003 Compaq 317188-001 Compaq 324815-001
Compaq 324815-002 Compaq 324815-003 Compaq 324816-001
Compaq 324816-002 Compaq 324816-003 Compaq 325112-001
Compaq 325112-011 Compaq 325112-021 Compaq 325112-031
Compaq 325112-061 Compaq 325112-111 Compaq 325112-291
Compaq 325112-AA1 Compaq 325112-AR1 Compaq 325112-BB1
Compaq 338136-001 Compaq 344895-001 Compaq 344895-031
Compaq 344895-071 Compaq 344895-101 Compaq 345312-001
Compaq 345312-002 Compaq 345312-003 Compaq 346958-001
Compaq 347438-001 Compaq 347438-001N Compaq 361072-001
Compaq 361072-031 Compaq 361072-071 Compaq 371790-001
Compaq 374429-001 Compaq 374429-002 Compaq 374791-001
Compaq 380467-004 Compaq 381090-001 Compaq 383494-001
Compaq 384019-001 Compaq 384019-002 Compaq 384019-003
Compaq 384021-001 Compaq 384021-002 Compaq 391172-001
Compaq 391173-001 Compaq 391174-001 Compaq 393945-001
Compaq 393946-001 Compaq 393946-002 Compaq 394900-001
Compaq 397803-001 Compaq 402018-001 Compaq 403810-001
Compaq 408488-001 Compaq 409515-001 Compaq 409843-001
Compaq 409992-001 Compaq 412786-001 Compaq 416931-001
Compaq 417220-001 Compaq 418872-001 Compaq 419107-001
Compaq 432309-001 Compaq 432310-001 Compaq 453199-001
Compaq 457685-001 Compaq 463552-001 Compaq 463552-002
Compaq 463552-003 Compaq 463552-004 Compaq 463953-001
Compaq 463955-001 Compaq 463958-001 Compaq 519329-001
Compaq 519329-002 Compaq 519329-003 Compaq 574063-001
Compaq 577170-001 Compaq 603284-001 Compaq 609939-001
Compaq 609948-001 Compaq 613149-001 Compaq 613149-002
Compaq 613149-003 Compaq 613152-001 Compaq 613161-001
Compaq 620656-001 Compaq 624502-001 Compaq DC359A
Compaq DL606A Compaq ED494UT Compaq F1454A
Compaq F1718a Compaq F1781A Compaq F4600-60901
Compaq F4600A Compaq F4813-60901 Compaq F4813A
Compaq F4814A Compaq F5104A Compaq FY224AV
Compaq PA-1900-05C1 Compaq PA-1900-18H2 Compaq PPP009H
Compaq PPP009L Compaq PPP009X Compaq PPP009X-X
Compaq PPP014H-S Compaq PPP014L-SA Compaq VU663AV
Compaq VW429AV Compaq WF461AV  
Listed by Compaq Laptop Models:
Business Notebook 2210b Business Notebook 2510p Business Notebook 2710p
Business Notebook 6515b Business Notebook 6520s Business Notebook 6530b
Business Notebook 6535b Business Notebook 6710b Business Notebook 6710s
Business Notebook 6715b Business Notebook 6715s Business Notebook 6720s
Business Notebook 6730b Business Notebook 6730s Business Notebook 6735b
Business Notebook 6735s Business Notebook 6820s Business Notebook 6830s
Business Notebook 6910p Business Notebook 6930p Business Notebook 8510p
Business Notebook 8510w Business Notebook 8710p Business Notebook 8710w
Business Notebook NC2400 Business Notebook NC4000 Business Notebook NC4010
Business Notebook NC4200 Business Notebook NC4400 Business Notebook NC6000
Business Notebook NC6100 Business Notebook NC6105 Business Notebook NC6110
Business Notebook NC6115 Business Notebook NC6120 Business Notebook NC6200
Business Notebook NC6200 CTO Business Notebook NC6220 Business Notebook NC6230
Business Notebook NC6320 Business Notebook NC6400 Business Notebook NC8000
Business Notebook NC8200 Business Notebook NC8230 Business Notebook NC8430
Business Notebook NW8000 Business Notebook NW8240 Business Notebook NW8440
Business Notebook NW9440 Business Notebook NX4300 Business Notebook NX4800
Business Notebook NX4820 Business Notebook NX5000 Business Notebook NX5040
Business Notebook NX6100 Business Notebook NX6105 Business Notebook NX6110
Business Notebook NX6115 Business Notebook NX6120 Business Notebook NX6125
Business Notebook NX6130 Business Notebook NX6310 Business Notebook NX6315
Business Notebook NX6320 Business Notebook NX6325 Business Notebook NX7000
Business Notebook NX7010 Business Notebook NX7100 Business Notebook NX7200
Business Notebook NX7220 Business Notebook NX7300 Business Notebook NX7400
Business Notebook NX8200 Business Notebook NX8200 CTO Business Notebook NX8220
Business Notebook NX8420 Business Notebook NX9000 Business Notebook NX9000US
Business Notebook NX9005 Business Notebook NX9005US Business Notebook NX9008
Business Notebook NX9008US Business Notebook NX9010 Business Notebook NX9010US
Business Notebook NX9020 Business Notebook NX9030 Business Notebook NX9040
Business Notebook NX9050 Business Notebook NX9100 Business Notebook NX9110
Business Notebook NX9420 Business Notebook NX9500 Mini 102
Mini 110c Mini 110c-1130SS Mini 110c-1131EF
Mini 110c-1133EZ Mini 110c-1140EI Mini 110c-1147NR
Mini 110c-1150EB Mini 110c-1150SF Mini 110c-1150SS
Mini 110c-1190EK Mini 110c-1190EV Mini 110c-1190SJ
Mini 311c Mini 311c-1000SO Mini 311c-1005SW
Mini 311c-1010EH Mini 311c-1010EJ Mini 311c-1010EN
Mini 311c-1010ER Mini 311c-1010EV Mini 311c-1010SA
Mini 311c-1010SB Mini 311c-1010SG Mini 311c-1010SL
Mini 311c-1010SP Mini 311c-1010SS Mini 311c-1015EA
Mini 311c-1016EA Mini 311c-1020EO Mini 311c-1020SA
Mini 311c-1025EL Mini 311c-1030EI Mini 311c-1030EZ
Mini 311c-1030SA Mini 311c-1031EV Mini 311c-1050SD
Mini 311c-1070EF Mini 311c-1070SF Mini 700
Mini 700EA Mini 700ED Mini 700EE
Mini 700EF Mini 700EI Mini 700EK
Mini 700EL Mini 700EN Mini 700EP
Mini 700ER Mini 700ES Mini 700ET
Mini 700EW Mini 701ED Mini 701EG
Mini 701EI Mini 701EM Mini 701EN
Mini 701ER Mini 701ES Mini 701ET
Mini 702EA Mini 702EG Mini 703EA
Mini 705EI Mini 705EL Mini 705ES
Mini 730EB Mini 730EE Mini 730EJ
Mini 730EO Mini 730EQ Mini 731EH
Mini 735EF Mini 735EJ Mini 735EO
Mini 735EQ Mini 735ES Mini CQ10
Mini CQ10-100 CTO Mini CQ10-100EB Mini CQ10-100EK
Mini CQ10-100ER Mini CQ10-100SO Mini CQ10-100SR
Mini CQ10-100SS Mini CQ10-101SA Mini CQ10-101SO
Mini CQ10-102SO Mini CQ10-103EO Mini CQ10-105SO
Mini CQ10-110EA Mini CQ10-110EC Mini CQ10-110EI
Mini CQ10-110EJ Mini CQ10-110ES Mini CQ10-110SB
Mini CQ10-110SG Mini CQ10-110SL Mini CQ10-110SM
Mini CQ10-110SP Mini CQ10-110SW Mini CQ10-112NR
Mini CQ10-114SZ Mini CQ10-115ES Mini CQ10-115SS
Mini CQ10-115SZ Mini CQ10-116SL Mini CQ10-120CA
Mini CQ10-120EI Mini CQ10-120EM Mini CQ10-120EW
Mini CQ10-120EZ Mini CQ10-120LA Mini CQ10-120SD
Mini CQ10-120SE Mini CQ10-120SH Mini CQ10-130CA
Mini CQ10-130EF Mini CQ10-130SE Mini CQ10-130SF
Mini CQ10-140EJ Mini CQ10-140SE Mini CQ10-140SS
Mini CQ10-150CA Mini CQ10-150EM Mini CQ10-150EV
Mini CQ10-150LA Mini CQ10-150SH Mini CQ10-150SQ
Mini CQ10-150SV Mini CQ10-166SB Mini CQ10-170SS
Mini CQ10-200 Mini CQ10-300 Mini CQ10-400CA
Mini CQ10-400EJ Mini CQ10-400SA Mini CQ10-400SD
Mini CQ10-400SE Mini CQ10-400SH Mini CQ10-400SI
Mini CQ10-400SO Mini CQ10-401SG Mini CQ10-402EZ
Mini CQ10-405DX Mini CQ10-405SR Mini CQ10-410ED
Mini CQ10-410ER Mini CQ10-410SF Mini CQ10-420EF
Mini CQ10-420LA Mini CQ10-420SF Mini CQ10-420SZ
Mini CQ10-421LA Mini CQ10-422LA Mini CQ10-427LA
Mini CQ10-450CA Mini CQ10-450SB Mini CQ10-457LA
Mini CQ10-500EA Mini CQ10-500SA Mini CQ10-500SS
Mini CQ10-510CA Mini CQ10-510SG Mini CQ10-510SS
Mini CQ10-514CA Mini CQ10-520SG Mini CQ10-525DX
Mini CQ10-530EG Mini CQ10-550CA Presario A900 CTO
Presario A904NR Presario A909US Presario A910CA
Presario A913CL Presario A916NR Presario A918CA
Presario A921NR Presario A924CA Presario A928CA
Presario A930CA Presario A931NR Presario A936CA
Presario A938CA Presario A939CA Presario A940CA
Presario A940NR Presario A942CA Presario A944CA
Presario A945US Presario A948CA Presario A949NR
Presario C300 CTO Presario C301NR Presario C302NR
Presario C303NR Presario C304NR Presario C306US
Presario C307NR Presario C500 CTO Presario C501NR
Presario C502CA Presario C502US Presario C503WM
Presario C504US Presario C506CA Presario C507US
Presario C508US Presario C509NR Presario C551NR
Presario C552CA Presario C552US Presario C554US
Presario C555NR Presario C556CA Presario C557CL
Presario C559CL Presario C560US Presario C561US
Presario C563NR Presario C564US Presario C571NR
Presario C573US Presario C576US Presario C581WM
Presario C700 CTO Presario C700T Presario C705NR
Presario C706NR Presario C712NR Presario C713NR
Presario C714NR Presario C715NR Presario C717NR
Presario C727US Presario C729US Presario C730US
Presario C751NR Presario C754CA Presario C756CA
Presario C757CA Presario C758CA Presario C762NR
Presario C764NR Presario C768CA Presario C769CA
Presario C769US Presario C770US Presario C771US
Presario C772US Presario C776CA Presario C776NR
Presario C777CL Presario C777NR Presario CQ1-1020
Presario CQ1-1130 Presario CQ1-1225 Presario CQ40-200 CTO
Presario CQ40-215WM Presario CQ42-300 Presario CQ42-320CA
Presario CQ42-320US Presario CQ50-100CA Presario CQ50-101CA
Presario CQ50-103NR Presario CQ50-104CA Presario CQ50-104NR
Presario CQ50-105NR Presario CQ50-106CA Presario CQ50-107CL
Presario CQ50-107NR Presario CQ50-108CA Presario CQ50-108NR
Presario CQ50-109CA Presario CQ50-110US Presario CQ50-113CA
Presario CQ50-115NR Presario CQ50-128NR Presario CQ50-130US
Presario CQ50-133US Presario CQ50-139NR Presario CQ50-139WM
Presario CQ50-140US Presario CQ50-142US Presario CQ50-201CA
Presario CQ50-204CA Presario CQ50-209CA Presario CQ50-209NR
Presario CQ50-209WM Presario CQ50-210US Presario CQ50-211NR
Presario CQ50-212CA Presario CQ50-215CA Presario CQ50-215NR
Presario CQ50-217CL Presario CQ50-217NR Presario CQ50-228CA
Presario CQ56-100 Presario CQ56-104CA Presario CQ56-109WM
Presario CQ56-110US Presario CQ56-112NR Presario CQ56-115DX
Presario CQ56-117NR Presario CQ56-119CA Presario CQ56-119WM
Presario CQ56-122NR Presario CQ56-124CA Presario CQ56-128CA
Presario CQ56-129NR Presario CQ56-134CA Presario CQ56-148CA
Presario CQ56-154CA Presario CQ56-201NR Presario CQ56-204CA
Presario CQ56-219WM Presario CQ56-220CA Presario CQ56-240CA
Presario CQ57-210US Presario CQ57-212NR Presario CQ57-213NR
Presario CQ57-214NR Presario CQ57-218NR Presario CQ57-229WM
Presario CQ57-310US Presario CQ57-311NR Presario CQ57-314NR
Presario CQ57-315NR Presario CQ57-317NR Presario CQ57-319WM
Presario CQ57-339WM Presario CQ57-386NR Presario CQ57-410US
Presario CQ57-411NR Presario CQ57-439WM Presario CQ57-489CA
Presario CQ57-489WM Presario CQ58-N10NR Presario CQ60-144US
Presario CQ60-202US Presario CQ60-203NR Presario CQ60-204NR
Presario CQ60-206US Presario CQ60-207NR Presario CQ60-208CA
Presario CQ60-210CA Presario CQ60-210US Presario CQ60-211DX
Presario CQ60-212US Presario CQ60-214DX Presario CQ60-215DX
Presario CQ60-216DX Presario CQ60-218CA Presario CQ60-220US
Presario CQ60-2228US Presario CQ60-224C Presario CQ60-224CA
Presario CQ60-224NR Presario CQ60-226CA Presario CQ60-227CA
Presario CQ60-228US Presario CQ60-249US Presario CQ60-404CA
Presario CQ60-409CA Presario CQ60-410US Presario CQ60-413NR
Presario CQ60-417CA Presario CQ60-417DX Presario CQ60-417NR
Presario CQ60-418CA Presario CQ60-418DX Presario CQ60-419WM
Presario CQ60-420US Presario CQ60-421NR Presario CQ60-422DX
Presario CQ60-423DX Presario CQ60-427NR Presario CQ60-430CA
Presario CQ60-433US Presario CQ60-514NR Presario CQ60-615DX
Presario CQ60z-100 CTO Presario CQ60z-200 CTO Presario CQ60z-400 CTO
Presario CQ60z-500 CTO Presario CQ60z-600 CTO Presario CQ61-310US
Presario CQ61-313NR Presario CQ61-313US Presario CQ61-314US
Presario CQ61-319WM Presario CQ61-320CA Presario CQ61-324CA
Presario CQ61-407CA Presario CQ61-410US Presario CQ61-411WM
Presario CQ61-412NR Presario CQ61-414NR Presario CQ61-420US
Presario CQ61-429US Presario CQ61z-300 CTO Presario CQ61z-400 CTO
Presario CQ62-200CA Presario CQ62-209CA Presario CQ62-209WM
Presario CQ62-210US Presario CQ62-211HE Presario CQ62-213NR
Presario CQ62-214NR Presario CQ62-215DX Presario CQ62-215NR
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Presario CQ70-111CA Presario CQ70-117CA Presario CQ70-118CA
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Presario F500 CTO Presario F550 CTO Presario F553CL
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Presario F565CA Presario F572US Presario F577CL
Presario F579WM Presario F700 CTO Presario F705US
Presario F712NR Presario F715US Presario F722CA
Presario F727US Presario F730US Presario F732NR
Presario F739WM Presario F740WM Presario F750CA
Presario F750US Presario F754CA Presario F755US
Presario F756CA Presario F756NR Presario F759WM
Presario F761CA Presario F761US Presario F762NR
Presario F763NR Presario F764CA Presario F765CA
Presario F767CL Presario F767NR Presario F768WM
Presario F769CA Presario F769CL Presario F769WM
Presario V6000 CTO Presario V6000t CTO Presario V6000z CTO
Presario V6030US Presario V6048CL Presario V6200 CTO
Presario V6204US Presario V6205NR Presario V6210CA
Presario V6210US Presario V6215CA Presario V6216CA
Presario V6230CA Presario V6305CA Presario V6305NR
Presario V6310CA Presario V6310US Presario V6316CA
Presario V6317CA Presario V6318CA Presario V6320CA
Presario V6402CA Presario V6405CA Presario V6410CA
Presario V6415CA Presario V6420US Presario V6444US
Presario V6500Z Presario V6600 CTO Presario V6620US
Presario V6700TX Presario V6719NR Presario V6741US

About Compaq Replacement Laptop Battery

If your laptop is no longer under warranty then your options are much wider. One of the things you should look into is third party laptop battery manufacturers. Most laptop manufacturers don't make their own laptop parts. What they do is accumulate a list of the parts needed to assemble a laptop and then they will assemble their own configurations and sell those configurations under their own brand.Look into third party laptop battery makers if your compaq laptop is out of warranty and you need a new battery and you will more than likely save yourself a great deal of money.

Tips to get more juice from your Compaq laptop battery

Turn down the brightness of your monitor a great deal as it will help preserve battery life;Disable unnecessary programs running on your compaq laptop;You may have your applications like Excel or Power Point set to auto-save every few minutes to save your work in progress. Turn off the autosave function while using the battery, but do not forget to save your work occasionally yourself.

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