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Samsung Laptop Battery

samsung laptop batteries Stop hassling with your old Samsung battery that no longer holds a charge and work easier with a new Samsung laptop battery.Made from the highest quality parts,these Samsung laptop batteries are tailored made according to the original size, whether the battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original.With UL certified testing and components,you can rest assured that quality, compatibility and dependability are the cornerstone of our products.

iBuybattery carries over 1000 replacement batteries for big name laptop makers on the market,including the lithium Samsung batteries that are specially designed for each Samsung laptop model and battery part.

All our Samsung batteries comes with One Year Warranty and a 30-day money back Guarantee since the date of purchase.

List of Samsung Laptop Models and Battery Parts:

Listed by Samsung Battery Part Numbers:
Samsung 346C61A Samsung 6500738 Samsung AA-PB0NC4B/E
Samsung AA-PB0NC4G Samsung AA-PB0NC4G/E Samsung AA-PB0NC6B
Samsung AA-PB0NC6B/E Samsung AA-PB0TC4B Samsung AA-PB0TC4L
Samsung AA-PB0TC4M Samsung AA-PB0TC4R Samsung AA-PB0TC4T
Samsung AA-PB0UC3B Samsung AA-PB1NC4B/E Samsung AA-PB1NC6B
Samsung AA-PB1NC6B/E Samsung AA-PB1TC6B Samsung AA-PB1TC6W
Samsung AA-PB1VC6B Samsung AA-PB2NC3B Samsung AA-PB2NC3W
Samsung AA-PB2NC6B Samsung AA-PB2NC6B/E Samsung AA-PB2VC6B
Samsung AA-PB2VC6W Samsung AA-PB2VC6W/B Samsung AA-PB4NC6B
Samsung AA-PB4NC6B/E Samsung AA-PB5NC6B Samsung AA-PB5NC6B/E
Samsung AA-PB6NC6B Samsung AA-PB6NC6E Samsung AA-PB6NC6W
Samsung AA-PB6NC6W/E Samsung AA-PB6NC6W/US Samsung AA-PB8NC3B
Samsung AA-PB8NC3W Samsung AA-PB8NC6B Samsung AA-PB8NC6B/US
Samsung AA-PB8NC6M Samsung AA-PB8NC6M/E Samsung AA-PB8NC6M/US
Samsung AA-PB9MC6B Samsung AA-PB9MC6S Samsung AA-PB9MC6W
Samsung AA-PB9NC5B Samsung AA-PB9NC6B Samsung AA-PB9NC6W
Samsung AA-PB9NC6W/E Samsung AA-PB9NS6B Samsung AA-PB9NS6W
Samsung AA-PBAN6AB Samsung AA-PBAN8AB Samsung AA-PBAN8AB/E
Samsung AA-PBONC4B Samsung AA-PBPN6LB Samsung AA-PBPN6LS
Samsung AA-PBPN6LW Samsung AA-PL0NC8G Samsung AA-PL0NC8G/E
Samsung AA-PL0TC6B Samsung AA-PL0TC6B/E Samsung AA-PL0TC6L
Samsung AA-PL0TC6L/E Samsung AA-PL0TC6M Samsung AA-PL0TC6M/E
Samsung AA-PL0TC6P Samsung AA-PL0TC6P/E Samsung AA-PL0TC6R
Samsung AA-PL0TC6R/E Samsung AA-PL0TC6T Samsung AA-PL0TC6T/E
Samsung AA-PL0TC6W Samsung AA-PL0TC6W/E Samsung AA-PL0TC6Y
Samsung AA-PL0TC6Y/E Samsung AA-PL0UC3B/E Samsung AA-PL1VC6B/E
Samsung AA-PL2VC6B Samsung AA-PL2VC6W Samsung AA-PL3VC6B
Samsung AA-PL3VC6P Samsung AA-PL3VC6S Samsung AA-PL8NC6B
Samsung AA-PL9NC2B Samsung AA-PL9NC6B Samsung AA-PL9NC6W
Samsung AA-PLAN6AB Samsung AA-PLAN9AB Samsung AA-PLPN6LB
Samsung AA-PLPN6LS Samsung AA-PLPN6LW Samsung BA43-00189A
Samsung SSB-690L8-E Samsung SSB-690LS/E Samsung SSB-P28LS6
Samsung SSB-P28LS6/E Samsung SSB-P28LS9 Samsung SSB-P30LS
Samsung SSB-P30LS/C Samsung SSB-P30LS/E Samsung SSB-Q20LS
Samsung SSB-Q20LS/C Samsung SSB-Q20LS/E Samsung SSB-Q30LS3
Samsung SSB-Q30LS3/C Samsung SSB-Q30LS3/E Samsung SSB-Q30LS6
Samsung SSB-Q30LS6/C Samsung SSB-Q30LS6/E Samsung SSB-V20CLS/E
Samsung SSB-V20KLS Samsung SSB-X10LS3 Samsung SSB-X10LS3/C
Samsung SSB-X10LS3/E Samsung SSB-X10LS6 Samsung SSB-X10LS6/C
Samsung SSB-X10LS6/E Samsung SSB-X10LS6S Samsung SSB-X15LS3
Samsung SSB-X15LS6 Samsung SSB-X15LS6/C Samsung SSB-X15LS6/E
Samsung SSB-X15LS6S Samsung SSB690ELS/E Samsung SSR428-6
Samsung UN346C6 Samsung UN346C6-E1 Samsung UN346C6-T1
Samsung UN346C61A Samsung UN346T1  
Listed by Samsung Laptop Models:
200B Series 400B Series 600B Series
700G Series 700G7A Series 70A00D/SEG
A10 Aegis 200B Series Aegis 400B Series
Aegis 600B Series M40 M40 Plus HWM 745
M40 Plus Series M40 Plus WVM 1600 M40 Plus WVM 2000
M50 Series M50 XEH 740 M50 XEP 770
M50-000 M50-1730 M50-1730 Cadee
M50-1860 M50-1860 Callum M50-2130
M50-2130 Baako M50-T000 M55 Series
M55 WEC 7200 M55 XEP 2500 M55-Pro T2500 Breetoo
M55-Pro T7200 Booker M55-T000 M55-T001
M55-T003 M60 Aura T5450 Chartiz M60 Aura T7500 Calipa
M60 Aura T7500 Cruza M60-Aura T5450 Chartiz M60-Aura T7500 Calipa
M60-Aura T7500 Caralee M60-Aura T7500 Cruza M70 Pro 2130 Bemus
M70 Pro Series M70 Series M70-1860 Cailan
M70-1860 Cree M70-T001 N110 Series
N120 Series N140 N148 Series
N150 Series N210 N220
N230 N270B N270BBT
N270BH N310 Series N510
NB30 NC10 NC10 Series
NC110 Series NC111 Series NC20
NC20 Series NC210 Series ND10
NP-M50 NP-M50T002/SAU NP-M55
NP-M55T000/SAU NP-M55T000/SHK NP-M70
NP-N148 Series NP-N150 Series NP-N310 Series
NP-NC110 Series NP-NC111 NP-NC210 Series
NP-NC310 Series NP-P50 NP-P60
NP-Q1 NP-Q35 NP-Q40
NP-Q45 NP-Q70 NP-R20
NP-R20F NP-R25 NP-R40
NP-R40 Plus NP-R45 NP-R50
NP-R55 NP-R55C001/SAU NP-R55C002/SAU
NP-R55T000/SAU NP-R55T001/SAU NP-R55TV01/SHK
NP-R65 NP-R70 NP-X Series
NP-X1 Series NP-X11 Series NP-X123 Series
NP-X125 Series NP-X130 Series NP-X180 Series
NP-X181 Series NP-X22 NP-X330 Series
NP-X331 Series NP-X430 Series NP-X431 Series
NP-X60 NP700G7A Series NT-M50/W200
NT-M55/W201 NT-M70/W210 NT-N148 Series
NT-N150 Series NT-NC111 NT-R50/C170
NT-R50/W170 NT-R50/W200 NT-R50/W201
NT-R55/W181 NT-R55/W182 NT-X Series
NT-X1 Series NT-X123 Series NT-X125 Series
NT-X130 Series NT-X180 Series NT-X181 Series
NT-X330 Series NT-X331 Series NT-X430 Series
NT-X431 Series NT700G7A Series NV 5000
NX30 P210 P210-BA01
P210-BA02 P210-BS01 P210-BS02
P210-BS04 P210-BS05 P210-Pro P8400 Padou
P210-XA01 P28 Series P28G
P30 Series P35 Series P40
P460 P460-42P P460-44G
P460-44P P460-AA01 P460-AA02
P460-Pro P8600 Pompeji P50 P50 Pro
P50 Pro T2400 Tytahn P50 Pro T2600 Tygah P50 Pro T5500 Tahlia
P50 Pro T5500 Teygun P50 Pro T7200 Torrin P50 T2400 Tytahn
P50 T2600 Tygah P50-00 P50-C003
P50-C004 P50-CV03 P50-CV04
P560 P560 AA01 P560 AA02
P560 AA03 P560 AA04 P560-52P
P560-54G P560-54P P60
P60 Pro P60 Pro T2600 Taspra P60 T2600 Taspra
P60-01 P60-C003 P60-CV01
P60-CV03 Q1 Series Q1-900 Casomii
Q1-900 Ceegoo Q10 Series Q10 TLC
Q10 TLC 933 Q10 TXC Q10 TXC 1000
Q10 TXC 933 Q10 TXC 933 II Q1B
Q1P Q20 Series Q210
Q210 AS01 Q210 AS05 Q210 FS01
Q210-FA03DE Q210-FA04DE Q210-FS02DE
Q210-FS03DE Q210-FS04DE Q25 HXC 738
Q25 Series Q25 TXC 1300 Q25 TXC 1500
Q25 TXC758 Q25 TXM 1500 Q30 Jamie
Q30 Series Q310 Q310-AS04DE
Q35 Pro Series Q35 Series Q40
Q45 Series Q470 Q70 Series
R20 Plus Series R20 Series R25 Plus Series
R25 Series R39-DY04 R39-DY06
R40 R40 XIC 2050 R40 XIP 2050
R40 XIP 2055 R40 XIP 2250 R40 XIP 2255
R40 XIP 5500 R40 XIP 5510 R40-Aura C430 Corin
R40-Aura C440 Chrizz R40-Aura T2080 Deron R40-Aura T2250 Dooly
R40-Aura T5500 Dilana R40-EL1 R40-K003
R40-K005 R40-K006 R40-K007
R40-K008 R40-K009 R40-K00A
R40-K00D R40-K00E R40-K00F
R40-T2300 R40-T2300 Caosee R40/K00/SEG
R408 R40E003/SEG R40FY03/SEG
R40FY04/SEG R40K001/SEG R40K003/SEG
R40K004/SEG R41-T2050 Malaido R41-T2060 Collin
R41-T2250 Madea R410 R410-XA01
R410-XA02 R428 R429
R430 R45 R45 Pro
R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay R45 Pro C1600 Buliena R45 Pro T5500 Bernie
R45-1730 Cutama R45-C1500 Cerona R45-K004
R45-K005 R45-K006 R45-K007
R45-K00D R45-K02 R45-K03
R458 R460 R462
R463 R464 R465
R466 R467 R468
R470 R478 R480
R50 Series R50 WEH 750 R50 WVM 1730
R50 WVM 1730 II R50 WVM 1730 III R50 WVM 1860
R50 XEH 743 R50 XEH 745 R50 XIH 741
R50 XWM 740 R50 XWM 742 R50 XWM 750
R50-001 R50-1800 Couyee R50-2000
R50-2000 Cong R50-CV04 R50-CV05
R50-CV06 R50-KV01 R50-V01
R50-V02 R505 FS02 R505 FS03
R505 FS04 R505-FS05DE R509-FA02DE
R509-FA03DE R509-XA01DE R510
R510 AS02 R510 AS04 R510 AS05
R510 AS07 R510 AS08 R510 FA01
R510 FA02 R510 FA06 R510 FA07
R510 FA09 R510 FA0E R510 FS01
R510 FS08 R510 FS09 R510 FS0A
R510 XE2V 5750 R510 XE2V 7350 R510 XE5V 7350
R510 XS01 R510-AA01DE R510-AS01
R510-BA01 R510-FA04DE R510-FA05DE
R510-FS05DE R510-FS07DE R510-FS0BDE
R510-FS0JDEP-R51 R510-FSX1DE R55 Aura T5300 Cavan
R55 Aura T5500 Cazza R55 Aura T5500 Clayton R55 Series
R55 XEC 5500 R55 XEH 2300 R55-Aura T5200 Palmer
R55-Aura T5200 Piper R55-AV01 R55-AV03
R55-C001 R55-C002 R55-CV02
R55-CV03 R55-CV05 R55-CV06
R55-CV07 R55-CV08 R55-CV09
R55-T2300 Calateso R55-T2300 Chedsuma R55-T2400 Carasej
R55-T5200 Cyrus R55-T5200 Maori R55-T5200 Palmer
R55-T5200 Piper R55-T5500 Cemro R55-T5500 Mantis
R55-T5500 Moncis R560-AS05DE R560-AS06DE
R560-AS0HDE R60 Aura T2130 Daliwa R60 Aura T2330 Deesan
R60 Aura T2330 Diazz R60 Aura T5250 Danica R60 Aura T5250 Deeloy
R60 Aura T5250 Deven R60 Aura T5250 Donna R60 Aura T5450 Darlis
R60 Aura T5450 Davu R60 Aura T7250 Divial R60 Plus
R60-Aura T2130 Daliwa R60-Aura T2330 Deesan R60-Aura T2330 Diazz
R60-Aura T5250 Danica R60-Aura T5250 Deeloy R60-Aura T5250 Deven
R60-Aura T5250 Donna R60-Aura T5450 Darlis R60-Aura T5450 Davu
R60-Aura T7250 Divial R60-FY01 R60FE08/SEG
R610 R610 AS02 R610 AS03
R610 AS04 R610 AS05 R610 AS06
R610 AS07 R610 AS08 R610 FS02
R610-64G R610-Aura P8400 Deon R610-Aura P8400 Dori
R610-Aura P8700 Eclipse R610-Aura P9500 Delu R610-Aura T3400 Dienh
R610-Aura T5900 Deliz R65 R65 Pro
R65 Pro T5500 Baonee R65 Pro T5500 Boteez R65 WEP 2300
R65 WEP 5500 R65 WIP 2300 R65 WIP 5500
R65-CV01 R65-CV03 R65-CV04
R65-CV05 R65-T2300 Biton R65-T2300 Calix
R65-T2300 Carrew R65-T2300 Charis R65-T5500 Canspiro
R65-TV01 R65-TV02 R70
R70 Aura T5250 Daryus R70 Aura T5250 Doroso R70 Aura T5250 Dosan
R70 Aura T5550 Diliaz R70 Aura T7100 Devin R70 Aura T7250 Diness
R70 Aura T7300 Despina R70 Aura T7500 Damaya R70 Aura T7500 Denet
R70 XEV 7100 R70-Aura T5250 Daryus R70-Aura T5250 Doroso
R70-Aura T5250 Dosan R70-Aura T7250 Diness R70-Aura T7300 Despina
R70-Aura T7500 Damaya R70-Aura T7500 Denet R700
R700 Aura T8100 Deager R700 Aura T9300 Dillen R700-A00ADE
R700-AS04DE R700-AS05DE R700-Aura T8100 Deager
R700-Aura T9300 Dillen R700-FA02DE R70A00E/SEG
R710 R710 AS01 R710 AS02
R710 AS08 R710 AS0A R710 AS0B
R710 AS0D R710 FA01 R710 FS01
R710 XE2V 7350 R710-AA01DE R710-AS03
R710-AS04 R710-AS05DE R710-BS01
SP28 Series SX15-C16B V20 Series
V25 Series VM8000 Series VM8100 Series
X Series X05 Plus X05 PRC001
X05 Series X05 XTC 1400 X05 XTC 1400 II
X05 XTC 1400C X05 XTM 1600 X05-000
X05-001 X05-0VU X05-402
X05-FU2 X05-GKO X05-L10
X05-W06 X1 Series X10 1300
X10 1400 X10 1600 X10 Plus Series
X10 Plus XTC 1500 X10 Plus XTC 1600 X10 Plus XTC 1800
X10 Plus XTC 745 X10 Plus XTM 1600 II X10 Plus XTM 1700
X10 Plus XTM 2000 X10 Plus-25P X10 Plus-85RH
X10 Plus-BAX X10 Plus-JSK X10 Plus-TR2
X10 Plus-V04 X10 Plus-V05 X10 Plus-V06
X10 Plus-V07 X10 Plus-WR5 X10 Series
X10 XTC 1300 X10 XTC 1300 II X10 XTC 1400
X10 XTC 1500 X10 XTC 1500 II X10 XTC 1500 III
X10 XTC 1500 IV X10 XTC 1600 X10 XTC 1700
X10 XTC 745 X123 Series X125 Series
X130 Series X15 Plus X180 Series
X181 Series X20 HVM 740 X20 LVC 730
X20 Series X20 XVM 1600 X20 XVM 1600 II
X20 XVM 1600 III X20 XVM 1600 IV X20 XVM 1600 V
X20 XVM 1700 X20 XVM 1730 X20 XVM 730
X20 XVM 740 X22 Series X25 HVM 750
X25 Series X25 XVM 1600 X25 XVM 2000 X30
X330 Series X331 Series X360
X360-34G X360-34P X360-AA02
X360-AA03 X360-AA04 X430 Series
X431 Series X460 X460 FA01
X460-41P X460-41S X460-44G
X460-44P X460-AS03 X460-AS04
X460-AS05 X50 HWM 740 X50 HWM 760
X50 Series X50 WVM 1600 X50 WVM 2000
X50 XWM 740 X50 XWM 750 X60
X60 Plus X60 Plus TZ01 X60 Plus TZ03
X60 Pro X60 Pro T2600 Becudo X60 Pro T7200 Benito
X60 Pro T7400 Boxxer X60 T2600 Becudo X60 XEP 2310
X60 XEP 2400 X60 XIH 2300 X60-CV01
X60-CV03 X60-CV06 X60-CV08
X60-T2300 Chane X60-TV01 X60-TV02
X65 X65 Pro X65 Pro T7500 Begum
X65 XEV 7300 X65-A003  

About Samsung Replacement Laptop Battery

If your laptop is no longer under warranty then your options are much wider. One of the things you should look into is third party laptop battery manufacturers. Most laptop manufacturers don't make their own laptop parts. What they do is accumulate a list of the parts needed to assemble a laptop and then they will assemble their own configurations and sell those configurations under their own brand.Look into third party laptop battery makers if your samsung laptop is out of warranty and you need a new battery and you will more than likely save yourself a great deal of money.

Tips to get more juice from your Samsung laptop battery

Turn down the brightness of your monitor a great deal as it will help preserve battery life;Disable unnecessary programs running on your samsung laptop;You may have your applications like Excel or Power Point set to auto-save every few minutes to save your work in progress. Turn off the autosave function while using the battery, but do not forget to save your work occasionally yourself.

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