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Genuine Asus Battery - Original Laptop Batteries for Asus

genuine asus laptop batteries Stop hassling with your old Asus original battery that no longer holds a charge and work easier with a new genuine asus laptop battery.Made from the highest quality parts,these asus rechargeable laptop batteries are totally compatible with original equipment.With UL certified testing and components,you can rest assured that quality,compatibility and dependability are the cornerstone of our products.

iBuybattery carries over 5000 genuine laptop batteries for big name laptop makers on the market,including the li-ion Asus batteries that are specially designed for each Asus laptop model and battery part.

All our OEM Asus batteries comes with One Year Warranty and a 30-day money back Guarantee since the date of purchase.

List of Asus Laptop Models and Battery Parts:

Listed by Asus Battery Part Numbers:
Asus 15G10N373800 Battery Asus 70-NLF1B2000Y Battery Asus 70-NLF1B2000Z Battery
Asus 70-OA282B1000 Battery Asus 70-OA282B1200 Battery Asus 90-NED1B2100Y Battery
Asus 90-NLF1B2000 Battery Asus 90-NLF1B2000Y Battery Asus 90-NLF1B2000Z Battery
Asus 90-OA281B1000Q Battery Asus A31-1015 Battery Asus A31-1025 Battery
Asus A31-K56 Battery Asus A31-N56 Battery Asus A31-U53 Battery
Asus A31-U80 Battery Asus A31-X101 Battery Asus A31-X401 Battery
Asus A31N1302 Battery Asus A31N1311 Battery Asus A31N1319 Battery
Asus A32-1015 Battery Asus A32-1025 Battery Asus A32-F2 Battery
Asus A32-F3 Battery Asus A32-F5 Battery Asus A32-F52 Battery
Asus A32-F70 Battery Asus A32-F80 Battery Asus A32-F80A Battery
Asus A32-F80H Battery Asus A32-F82 Battery Asus A32-K52 Battery
Asus A32-K53 Battery Asus A32-K55 Battery Asus A32-K56 Battery
Asus A32-K72 Battery Asus A32-M50 Battery Asus A32-M70 Battery
Asus A32-N50 Battery Asus A32-N55 Battery Asus A32-N56 Battery
Asus A32-N61 Battery Asus A32-N70 Battery Asus A32-N82 Battery
Asus A32-U46 Battery Asus A32-U53 Battery Asus A32-U80 Battery
Asus A32-X101 Battery Asus A32-X401 Battery Asus A32N1331 Battery
Asus A32N1405 Battery Asus A33-F3 Battery Asus A33-K55 Battery
Asus A33-M50 Battery Asus A33-N50 Battery Asus A33-N56 Battery
Asus A33-U50 Battery Asus A33N1332 Battery Asus A41-K55 Battery
Asus A41-K56 Battery Asus A41-M70 Battery Asus A41-U36 Battery
Asus A41-U46 Battery Asus A41-U53 Battery Asus A41-X401 Battery
Asus A41-X550A Battery Asus A41-X550E Battery Asus A41N1308 Battery
Asus A42-G73 Battery Asus A42-K52 Battery Asus A42-K53 Battery
Asus A42-K56 Battery Asus A42-M70 Battery Asus A42-N82 Battery
Asus A42-U36 Battery Asus A42-U46 Battery Asus A42-U53 Battery
Asus A42-X401 Battery Asus A42N1403 Battery Asus AP21-MK90 Battery
Asus AP22-T101MT Battery Asus B11P1405 Battery Asus B21N1329 Battery
Asus B31N1336 Battery Asus B31N1342 Battery Asus B31N1345 Battery
Asus B31N1346 Battery Asus B31N1407 Battery Asus B41N1304 Battery
Asus C11-EP71 Battery Asus C11-ME172V Battery Asus C11-ME370T Battery
Asus C11-ME370TG Battery Asus C11-TF500TD Battery Asus C11N1312 Battery
Asus C11P1303 Battery Asus C11P1304 Battery Asus C11P1310 Battery
Asus C11P1311 Battery Asus C11P1314 Battery Asus C11P1328 Battery
Asus C11P1329 Battery Asus C12-P05 Battery Asus C12-P1801 Battery
Asus C12-TF400C Battery Asus C12-TF600T Battery Asus C12N1320 Battery
Asus C12P1301 Battery Asus C12P1305 Battery Asus C21-EP101 Battery
Asus C21-TF201D Battery Asus C21-TF201P Battery Asus C21-TF201X Battery
Asus C21-TF301 Battery Asus C21-TF600TD Battery Asus C21-TF810CD Battery
Asus C21-TX300D Battery Asus C21-TX300P Battery Asus C21-X202 Battery
Asus C21-X402 Battery Asus C21N1309 Battery Asus C21N1313 Battery
Asus C21N1333 Battery Asus C21N1335 Battery Asus C21N1347 Battery
Asus C21N1401 Battery Asus C21N1409 Battery Asus C21N1414 Battery
Asus C21N1504 Battery Asus C21N1508 Battery Asus C21N1509 Battery
Asus C21N1515 Battery Asus C22-1018P Battery Asus C22-EP121 Battery
Asus C22-UX31 Battery Asus C22-UX42 Battery Asus C23-UX21 Battery
Asus C23-UX32 Battery Asus C31-EP102 Battery Asus C31-S551 Battery
Asus C31-X402 Battery Asus C31-X502 Battery Asus C31-X502C Battery
Asus C31N1303 Battery Asus C31N1306 Battery Asus C31N1318 Battery
Asus C31N1330 Battery Asus C31N1339 Battery Asus C31N1411 Battery
Asus C31N1428 Battery Asus C31N1517 Battery Asus C31N1522 Battery
Asus C32-G46 Battery Asus C32-N750 Battery Asus C32-TAICHI21 Battery
Asus C32N1301 Battery Asus C32N1305 Battery Asus C32N1340 Battery
Asus C32N1516 Battery Asus C32N1523 Battery Asus C41-N541 Battery
Asus C41-N550 Battery Asus C41-TAICHI31 Battery Asus C41-UX52 Battery
Asus C41N1416 Battery Asus C41N1524 Battery Asus C42-UX51 Battery
Asus L0690L6 Battery Asus L0A2016 Battery Asus LOA2011 Battery
Asus X31-402 Battery   
Listed by Asus Laptop Models:
450C 450CD 450V
450VB A45 A450
A450E47JF-SL A450JF A450LA
A450LB A450LC A450V
A450VB A450VC A45A
A45DE A45DR A45N
A45VS A46C Series A46CA Series
A46CB Series A46CM Series A46V Series
A55 A550CA A55A
A55D A55DE A55DR
A55N A55VD A55VM
A55VS A56C Series A56CA Series
A56CB Series A56CM Series A56V Series
A75 A75A A75DE
A75VD A75VM AsusPro Essential PU301LA
ASUSPro Essential PU401LA AsusPro Essential PU500 AsusPro Essential PU500CA
B451 B451JA Chromebook C200MA-DS01
Chromebook C300 Chromebook C300M Chromebook C300MA
E451L E451LA E451LD
E46 Series E46C Series E46CA Series
E46CB Series E46CM Series E551J
E551JA E551JD E551JF
E551JH E551L E551LA
E551LD E551LG Eee Pad Slider EP102 Series
Eee Pad TF201 Series Eee Pad TF500 Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201
Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201-B1-CG Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Eee Pad Transformer TF101-A1
Eee Pad Transformer TF101-B1 Eee Pad Transformer TF101-X1 Eee Pad Transformer TF101G
Eee PC 1015 Eee PC 1015P Eee PC 1015PE
Eee PC 1016 Eee PC 1016P Eee PC 1018P
Eee PC 1018PB Eee PC 1018PD Eee PC 1018PE
Eee PC 1018PEB Eee PC 1018PED Eee PC 1018PEM
Eee PC 1018PG Eee PC 1018PN Eee PC 1025
Eee PC 1025C Eee PC 1025CE Eee PC 1215
Eee PC 1225 Eee PC 1225B Eee PC 1225C
Eee PC MK90 Eee PC MK90H Eee PC T101
Eee PC T101MT Eee PC X101 Eee PC X101C
Eee PC X101CH Eee PC X101H EEE Slate EP121
EeeBook X205TA EeeBook X205TA-DH01 F2
F2F F2Hf F2J
F2Je F3 F3E
F3F F3H F3Ja
F3Jc F3Jm F3Jp
F3Jr F3Jv F3Ka
F3Ke F3L F3M
F3P F3Sa F3Sc
F3Se F3Sr F3Sv
F3T F3Tc F3U
F450CA F50Gx F50N
F50Q F50Sf F50Sf-a1
F50Sf-x1a F50SL F50Sv
F50Sv-a1 F50Sv-a2 F50Sv-x1
F50Z F52 F5C
F5Gl F5M F5N
F5R F5Ri F5Sl
F5Sr F5V F5Vi
F5Vl F5Z F70 Series
F80-X1 F80A F80A-a1
F80C F80Cr F80Dc
F80H F80L F80Q
F80Q-4P020E F80Q-4P031 F80Q-A1
F80Q-F804PQT34DD F80Q-x2am F80Q-X4A
F80Q216DX F80S F80S-F804PST2NDD
F81Se F81Se-X1 F82
F83Cr F83S F83Se
F83Se-1B F83T F83T-1B
F83T-2D F83Vd F83Vf
F83Vf-1B F83Vf-1C F83Vf-1E
FonePad 7 Dual SIM ME175CG FonePad 7 FE170CG FonePad 7 Me372CG
G50 G50Vt G73
G73Jh G73Jw G73Sw
GFX71JY K40 K40E
K40Ij K40In K43B
K43BY K43E K43F
K43J K43JC K43JM
K43JS K43JY K43S
K43SY K43T K43TA
K43U K45 K45A
K45DE K45DR K45N
K45VS K46C Series K46CA Series
K46CB Series K46CM Series K46V Series
K50 K50AB-X2A K50Ij
K50In K51 K52 Series
K53B K53BY K53E
K53F K53J K53JA
K53JT K53S K53SA
K53T K53TA K53U
K55 K550E K55A
K55D K55DE K55DR
K55N K55VD K55VM
K55VS K56C Series K56CA Series
K56CB Series K56CM Series K56V Series
K60 K61 K6C11
K70 K70Ic K70Ij
K70Io k72F k72F-A1
K72JR K72JR-A1 K72JR-TY028X
K72JR-X1 K75 K75A
K75D K75V K75VM
L50 M50 M50Q
M50Sa M50Sr M50Sv
M50V M51 M51E
M51Kr M51Se M51Sn
M51Sr M51Va M51Vr
M70Sa M70Sr MeMO Pad 7 ME170C
MeMO Pad 7 ME70CX MeMO Pad 8 ME181C MeMO Pad 8 ME181CX
MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X MeMO Pad HD7 Dual SIM ME7510KG
MemO Pad ME102A Memo Pad ME172V MeMO Pad Smart 10.1 Inch
N45E N45F N45J
N45Jc N45S N45Sf
N45Sj N45Sl N45Sn
N45Sv N46Jv N46Vb
N46Vj N46Vm N46Vz
N50 N501Vw N50Vc
N50Vn N550JA N550JK
N550JV N55E N55S
N55Sf N55Sl N56Dp
N56Dy N56Jk N56Jn
N56Jr N56Vb N56Vj
N56Vm N56Vv N56Vz
N61J N61Ja N61Jq
N61Jv N61V N61Vn
N750JK N750JV N75E
N75S N75Sf N75Sj
N75Sl N75Sn N75Sv
N76Vb N76Vj N76Vm
N76Vz N82 N82E
N82Ei N82J N82Jq
N82Jv P50 P81
PU450V PU450VB PU451J
PU451JF PU451JH PU451L
PU451LA PU451LD PU550C
PU550CA PU550CC PU551J
PU551JH PU551L PU551LA
PU551LD Q501L Q501LA
Q550LF Q553U R405C Series
R405CA Series R405CB Series R405CM Series
R405V Series R505C Series R505CA Series
R505CB Series R505CM Series R550C Series
R550CA Series R550CM Series R553LF
ROG G771JW ROG GX700VO S405C Series
S405CA Series S405CB Series S405CM Series
S40C Series S40CA Series S40CB Series
S40CM Series S46C Series S46CA Series
S46CB Series S46CM Series S505C Series
S505CA Series S505CB Series S505CM Series
S550C Series S550CA Series S550CM Series
S56C Series S56CA Series S56CB Series
S56CM Series TAICHI 21 TAICHI 31
TF300T Transformer Pad Keyboard Dock Transformer AiO P1801 Transformer Book Flip TP200SA
Transformer Book Flip TP500L Transformer Book T100TA Transformer Book T100TAF
Transformer Book T100TAM Transformer Book T100TC Transformer Book TP500LA
Transformer Book TP500LN Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Transformer Book TX300CA
Transformer Flip TP550LA Transformer Flip TP550LD Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T
Transformer Pad TF103C Transformer Pad TF300T Transformer Pad TF300TG
Transformer Pad TF300TL Transformer Pad TF303K Transformer Pad TF500
Transformer Pad TF500D Transformer Pad TF500T Transformer Pad TF701T
Transformer Tf300 Transformer Tf300T Transformer Tf300TG
Transformer Tf300TL U20A U20A-B2
U36J U36Jc U36S
U36Sd U46 Series U46E Series
U46J Series U46JC Series U46S Series
U46SD Series U46SM Series U46SV Series
U48C Series U48CA Series U48CB Series
U48CM Series U50A U50Vg
U53 U53F U53J
U53JC U56 Series U56E Series
U56J Series U56JC Series U56S Series
U56SV Series U58C Series U58CA Series
U58CB Series U58CM Series U80A
U81A-RX05 V550C Series V550CA Series
V550CM Series Vivo Tab TF600T Vivo Tab TF6P00T
VivoBook F102BA VivoBook F200CA VivoBook Flip TP301UA
VivoBook Flip TP301UJ VivoBook Q200E VivoBook S200E
VivoBook S200E-CT157H VivoBook S200E-CT158H VivoBook S200E-CT182H
VivoBook S200E-CT198H VivoBook S200E-CT209H VivoBook S200E-CT243H
VivoBook S300C VivoBook S300CA VivoBook S301LA
VivoBook S301LP VivoBook S400C VivoBook S400CA
VivoBook S400E VivoBook S451LA VivoBook S451LB
VivoBook S451LN VivoBook S500 VivoBook S500C
VivoBook S500CA VivoBook S550 Series VivoBook S550C Series
VivoBook S550CA Series VivoBook S550CM Series VivoBook S551LA
VivoBook S551LB VivoBook V451LA VivoBook V551LA
VivoBook V551LB VivoBook X102BA VivoBook X200CA
VivoBook X200MA VivoBook X201E VivoBook X202E
VivoBook X202E-CT006H VivoBook X202E-CT009H VivoBook X202E-CT142H
VivoBook X202E-CT143H VivoBook X202E-DH31T VivoBook X402
VivoBook X402C VivoBook X402CA VivoTab Smart ME400C
X301A X301U X401A
X401U X43B X43BY
X43E X43J X43JE
X43S X43SJ X43SR
X43SV X43T X43U
X450 X450C X450CA
X450J X450JF X451C Series
X451CA Series X453MA X455LA
X455LB X455LD X455LJ
X456UF X456UJ X456UV
X501 X501A X501U
X50C X50M X50N
X50R X50Rl X50Sl
X50V X50Vl X550A
X550C X550CA X550CC
X550D X550EA X550L
X550LA X551C Series X551CA Series
X553MA X555LA X555LD
X555LN X556UA X556UB
X556UF X556UJ X556UQ
X556UR X55Sa X55Sr
X55Sv X57Vn X5C
X61g X61Gx X61Q
X61s X61Sf X61Sl
X61Sl-240dv X61Sv X61W
X61Z X65 X70
X756UA X756UB X756UJ
X756UX X81H X81P
X81S X81Sc X81Se
x81Sq X82H X82L
X82L-4P042 X82Q X82Q-4P005E
X82S X82S-T5850 X82Se
X85-T900 X85C X85L
X85S X85SE X8B
X8D Z53 Z53J
Z53Jc Zenbook Infinity UX301LA ZenBook NX500
ZenBook NX500J ZenBook NX500Jk ZenBook Pro UX501J
ZenBook Pro UX501L ZenBook Pro UX501Vw Zenbook U500VZ
ZenBook UX21 ZenBook UX21A ZenBook UX21E
ZenBook UX302LA ZenBook UX305FA-ASM1 ZenBook UX305FA-USM1
ZenBook UX305LA ZenBook UX305UA ZenBook UX31
ZenBook UX31A ZenBook UX31E ZenBook UX31LA
ZenBook UX32 ZenBook UX32A ZenBook UX32LA
ZenBook UX32LN ZenBook UX32VD Zenbook UX42A
Zenbook UX42VS Zenbook UX51VZ ZenBook UX52
ZenBook UX52A ZenBook UX52V ZenBook UX52VS

Tips to get more juice from your genuine asus laptop battery

Turn down the brightness of your monitor a great deal as it will help preserve battery life;Disable unnecessary programs running on your asus laptop;You may have your applications like Excel or Power Point set to auto-save every few minutes to save your work in progress. Turn off the autosave function while using the battery, but do not forget to save your work occasionally yourself.

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